Hormones are chemical messengers that travel through the body and reach organs and tissues, keeping them functioning normally. They are needed for the proper running of various systems such as reproduction, metabolism, growth and development and so on.

Both men and women, and people of various age groups need hormones to keep the processes in their body up and working well.

Because hormones are a crucial part of the body’s health and well-being, an increase or decrease in their levels can lead to several problems like fluctuations in your mood, energy and stress levels and irregular functioning of various systems. More often than not, hormone imbalance is clearly visible on the skin, which is also the largest organ in the body.

This infographic takes a look at hormone imbalance and its effect on the skin and provides solutions to avoid it. Go through it to get a better perspective.

How Hormone Imbalance Takes a Toll on Your Skin – Designed by Live Well Testing

How Hormone Imbalance Takes a Toll on Your Skin

Infographic Source: https://livewelltesting.com/blog/how-hormone-imbalance-takes-a-toll-on-your-skin/