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[Infographic] Technological Advancements that Benefited Legal Practitioners


The legal system has undergone significant technological changes that have had a major impact on the industry over time. One of the earliest technological advances that were implemented into legal practices was the typewriter, which increased efficiency and productivity. Law specialists were able to transcribe documents, share research, and write letters and internal files at […]

[Infographic] PPE101: Your Guide To Personal Protective Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not limited to protection against viral outbreaks but is required by workers in many different industries for a wide variety of health and safety purposes. For example, hard hats are necessary for construction workers to safeguard against falling objects, while kitchen staff needs aprons to protect themselves and the food […]

[Infographic] Benzo Addiction Statistics


Benzo addiction is a serious condition characterized by the abuse of benzodiazepines, a type of central nervous system depressant. People who suffer from benzo addiction may experience symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, impaired judgment and memory, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, and physical dependence on the drug. This can lead to dangerous behaviors like driving under […]


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