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DIGESTIVE BREAK – Is It Necessary To Achieve Better Digestion?

Better Digestion

When the end of the year begins to peek, it is common to hear how people complain about their lack of energy and begin to fantasize that a holiday or some extra superfood can supplement that lack and help “recharge batteries”. And, while it is true that any stress-releasing action will add well-being, or that this reluctance […]

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Essential Points You Need to Know About Korean Skincare Routine

Korean Skincare Routine

The Korean wave hit the world by storm and continues to spread, impacting Hollywood entertainment, and the beauty industry. Their meticulous skincare routine, popularly known as the K-beauty regimen, even drew loyal following from A-list celebrities like Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore. This skincare routine consists of at least eight steps and requires the use […]

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How Medical Marijuana Can Help Alleviate Symptoms of Epilepsy


Back in 2016, Floridians voted in favor of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. Recently, there is news about the approval of the use of medical marijuana Florida. Each year, more than 150,000 Americans are experiencing epilepsy, making it the fourth most common neurological disease in the United States. In 2015, research revealed that roughly 114,800 […]

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Top Reasons Why You Should Donate More to Charity

Donate More to Charity

Disease outbreaks, natural disasters, humanitarian crises — today’s needs are pressing, but people’s way of giving is also evolving. Technology, along with tax laws, changing societal mores, and shifting consciousness, have all paved the way for people to support charitable causes. Today’s donors find it appealing to put their money in a cause that affirms […]

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