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What is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)? In most cases, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a hereditary disorder affecting the connective tissues (like ligaments and tendons) that supports the blood vessels, skin, bones, other organs, and those that hold the other parts of the body together. The connective tissues are the ones responsible for the elasticity and strength […]

Can You Overdose When Taking Supplement Varieties?

Taking Supplement Varieties

Most of the population consume supplements to make up for what they’re not receiving nutritionally in their diets. Unfortunately, in many situations, more vitamins are taken into a person’s system than what’s recommended by medical practitioners. There is a lot of misinformation leading consumers to believe that higher doses give more significant benefits. In fact, […]

A Complete Guide to Understanding Menopause & How to Deal With It

Understanding Menopause

Mostly occurs after the age of 30 or early 40s. The estrogen production keeps on decreasing as a woman ages. There are two factors believed to cause menopause, and these are hormones and reduced egg production in a woman’s reproductive system as she ages. Every woman going through menopause will experience different symptoms. They include […]

Some Of The Physical And Emotional Changes You May Experience As An Expectant Mother

pregnant woman

Giving birth is usually the most exciting phase of every expectant mother. Getting to see that tiny little one after 9 months is the ultimate reward every mother looks forward to. The pregnancy journey is usually one exciting process and as a pregnant woman, experiencing very normal somebody changes. As a pregnant woman, here are […]


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