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Increase in Children Seeing Doctors Due to Air Pollution

Children with asthma

A study conducted in south London over a period of over five years discovered an increase in the number of children with asthma, aggravated asthma, and other respiratory diseases. There was also an increase in prescriptions for inhalers for all age groups. Conducted by King’s College researchers, the group analysed approximately 750,000 consultations with GPs […]

How Has the Dieselgate Scandal Affected Air Quality?

Dieselgate Scandal Affected Air Quality

The Dieselgate scandal broke in September 2015 but years later, carmakers are still busy paying off fines and compensations, facing class-action lawsuits, and recalling vehicles. Affected car owners have also been busy working with their solicitors, preparing what they need to file a diesel emissions claim against their manufacturer. The biggest impact of the scandal, […]


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