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How Is Epilepsy Diagnosed in Patients?

How Is Epilepsy Diagnosed in Patients

People suffer different complications that are caused by various factors. Some conditions you may suffer from include epilepsy. It’s a central nervous system disorder that affects brain activity. It’s accompanied by seizures and sensations. Seeking medical assistance for diagnosis and treatment would be best. Physicians use different tests to identify the disorder in patients. Below […]

The Value of Work-life Balance in Your Nursing Career

Work-life Balance in Your Nursing Career

America is experiencing a nursing shortage. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are overwhelmed. The shortage intensified during the pandemic, with high turnover rates in hospitals across the country. Burnout, increasing patient numbers, and early retirement have also contributed to the shortage. Many nurses now need to work harder than they did before. As you consider […]

[Infographic] Benzo Addiction Statistics


Benzo addiction is a serious condition characterized by the abuse of benzodiazepines, a type of central nervous system depressant. People who suffer from benzo addiction may experience symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, impaired judgment and memory, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, and physical dependence on the drug. This can lead to dangerous behaviors like driving under […]


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