It’s known to everyone that exercise is essential for your body’s health and wellness. Unfortunately, when you are confined in an office for the most part of the day in addition to today’s busy schedules, daily exercises drop down your priority list. Medical experts have proven that sitting for a long time span is associated with numerous health concerns, such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol. Besides, you also heighten the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

However, the good news is that there are some easy exercises that you can perform in your office without the need for complex equipment, boost your heart rate and minimize the risk of you suffering from an array of health conditions. That said, here are some 10-minute exercises you can do at work for a healthier mind.

1.    Climb the Stairs


Although it’s an old classic, taking the stairs when heading to or leaving your office can be a good way to exercise for a healthier mind. Instead of taking the elevator, spend about 10 minutes walking down and up the stairs. What’s even more convenient about this form of exercise is that you can perform it at your own time and pace.

And if you move quickly enough, this cardio exercise will greatly increase your heart rate and make you sweaty. Be sure to have a minimum of ten minutes devoted to this exercise, and if you must take a short break, you can march around just to prevent your heart rate from dropping.

2.    Walking


Numerous articles on exercises you can do at work include walking for a good reason – it is easy to do on your tea break, a totally normal activity and great for you. You can step outside and walk around the block or around the office parking lot as you enjoy the cool out-of-office atmosphere.

If you’ve got enough endurance, you can increase your pace to reap the benefits of this form of exercise. If the weather is not conducive to walk outside, just make some few laps inside your office building. However, always be sure to have a minimum of ten minutes of uninterrupted walking to increase your heart rate.

3.    Triceps Dips


Although these exercises are associated with a high silly factor, they are the best way to tone your arms and maintain a healthy mind. Triceps dips do not require any fancy equipment: if you do not have a bench, you can always perform them on the floor. So how do you go about it?

Grab your office chair, preferably one without wheels and sit down. Grab the edge of the chair and then place your feet on the ground in front of you. Now lift yourself up and down in front of the chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground. You will realize that you may have to move your feet a bit farther out as you start moving up and down just to correct the angle of your arms. Triceps dips are not only good for the arms but also the shoulders.

4.    Jump Squats


Jump squats are another form of exercise that can be done in the office without the need for equipment, only your body weight. While regular squats are awesome, jump squats offer a new take on the traditional – one that you’ll feel in your quads.

Move your office desk and chair out of the way to create enough space for yourself. Place your feet hip-width apart and then bend in a squat position. Jump as high as possible and when you land on the floor, bend your knees and end in the squat position. Always remember that this exercise will increase your heart rate and make you sweat a lot.

5.    Ab Vacuum


This exercise is perfect if you do not want to draw any attention. While sitting on your office chair, take one deep breath and tighten all the abdominal muscles. While in this position, hold your breath and muscles for 10 seconds and repeat the same for ten minutes. This exercise aids in tightening the core and relieving work stress.

Even if you don’t have time to hit the gym every day, you can still keep your body in good shape and keep the blood moving. Besides, a little exercise will keep your mind healthy and active for optimal office efficiency and productivity.

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