10 Tips to Have the Best Sex of Your Life

Did you know that men burn an average of 4.2 calories, while women can burn about 3.1 just in a minute of sex? If things go on smoothly for around half an hour, both partners could end up burning more than 100 and 60 calories, respectively, during the act, says a study conducted at the University of Quebec.

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10 Best Sex Tips That Work All the Time

1. Build a Waiting Period

Although having sex over a long period of time is not really recommended, building anticipation with different kinds of sex positions or foreplay, etc., you won’t really have to try to satisfy your partner for a long period of time. After that period is over, and you’ve achieved what you have kept yourself waiting for, your senses will be heightened with wonderful feelings.

2. Communication is the Key

You just can’t randomly put on new moves, leaving your partner surprised and confused. For your partner to reciprocate and appreciate your attempts, make sure you discuss them before the act while taking into consideration what your partner wants.

3. Pleasure Should Be Your Only Concern

Forget family planning, forget how things will turn up, focus on the moment and feelings both of you are going through during the sexual act. However, it is always important to practice safe sex.

4. Start Preparing Much Before the Act

To attain maximum pleasure during the sexual act, connect with your sensual self, beforehand. Take some me time, exercise, sleep well, eat well, take aromatic baths and even try some of those 100% natural male enhancement pills that are known to have no harmful side-effects, to enhance your confidence.

5. Mind Foreplay, a Lot of It

Kissing, touching, caressing, is all a part of foreplay, meant to create desire and sexual arousal. Men should know that foreplay is really important for a woman’s sexual arousal. So, mix it up and make sure you spend some time on it.

6. Massage Each Other

A sensuous massage before sex can be an important part of foreplay. However, it is a complete act in itself, hence, should be considered separately. Massage not only helps you relax and reduce stress but the touch of each other’s skin intensifies the arousal.

7. Try Masturbation

When stimulation of the sex organs is done by yourself to the point of orgasm, it is called masturbation. This act makes you explore your own body and that of your partner, while also learning its sexual responses so that you learn more about each other.

8. Use Sex Toys

Sex toys like vibrators and more can be bought online quite easily these days. They can help you and your partner with sexual arousal.

9. Use Male Enhancement Supplements

Other than penis enlargement, a good 100% natural male enhancement supplement like Nitroxin will boost semen production, improve erection quality and increase stamina, all of which are effective in combating erectile dysfunction and driving a pleasure. Make sure you read the reviews of these pills to know about their ingredients, results, and side-effects.

10. Don’t Worry, Just Relax! 

Relaxing during the act can actually help you perform better. You should know that being nervous and anxious during sex will only ruin things.

Try these tips and see the difference in your sexual performance for yourself. Don’t forget to arm yourself with 100% natural male enhancement supplement beforehand.

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