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This is the digital era where mobile apps have become integral and people expect everything to be made possible with a single tap. In such a scenario, m-Health apps are like a blessing for doctors as well as patients.

One of the key characteristics of healthcare app development is that they are developed under HIPAA compliance policies and securely hosted on a HIPAA compliant cloud storage provider, which is the first prerequisite for any medical website or app. But with several alternatives at hand, it becomes challenging for people to choose the best for them.

Addressing the same dilemma, let’s take a look at the eleven amazing healthcare mobile apps that bring medical aid to your doorstep.

1. Fitocracy

In presence of numerous fitness and health tracking mobile apps, Fitocracy has made a unique identity for itself by catering to patients suffering from obesity and other issues related to their fitness.

The main reason that is the driving force behind the successful survival of this app is its creators. They struggled a lot and went from being highly obese to fit bodybuilders. They get inspired by their own training mechanism and incorporated it into this app.

The primary motive behind Fitocracy is to inculcate the will to win in patients so that they exercise with the same passion and feel overjoyed much like they cherish after winning a video game. You can record your workout sessions in the app and earn points which help them to move ahead to the next levels.

In addition, this app has a vast Fitocracy community comprise of 1 million like-minded people who challenge each other and try to defeat the other person in order to achieve fitness feats.

2. HelpAround

This app is specifically built to cater to diabetic patients. It is observed that these patients have to go through a lot of struggles when they don’t have sugar strips or glucose tabs. This is where HealAround comes into the picture which is considered as the crowdsourced safety net for such patients.

HelpAround was originally created by Shlomi Aflalo, former VP R&D at advertising technology startup eXelate, and Yishai Knobel, the former head of Mobile Health at the diabetes tech startup AgaMatrix. This app belongs to a startup that is considered a lifesaver in medical crises.

This app allows diabetic patients to connect with nearby app users who might rescue them in situations by offering required supplies or injections. Also, the app has a robust backup of a community and provide support, suggestions, and important piece of advice to the patients.

3. Medici

Walking on the same road as Amazon, Airbnb, and Amazon, Phillips the CEO and the founder of Medici built an m-Health app to make healthcare more accessible for everyone. They developed two healthcare mobile apps one for patients and the other for providers.

This app is a one-stop solution for patients to connect with physicians in the Medici network instantly without paying a visit to the clinical practice. Once connected, patients can communicate with their doctor and explain their specific symptoms and send relevant pictures.

Analyzing the symptoms doctor will prescribe a prescription and order it to the patient’s pharmacy. Also, he conveys to the patients in case they need to visit the clinic personally for some tests. This app is an exclusive tool to let patients connec3t and get treated by doctors in a HIPAA-compliant digital space.

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4. Talkspace

Along with physical disorders nowadays people are focusing on their mental health too. Talkspace is ideal for patients suffering from depression or anxiety as it provides them with required medical aid in-house by letting them connect with therapists via the app.

These therapists treat such patients and give special advice or insights on what to do next. Also, this app allows users to choose a therapist in accordance with their personal requirements and preferences. In order to use this app, you need to pay a negligible subscription fee.

5. TotallyPregnant

This app is the best companion for ladies who are expecting. TotallyPregnant has become the top pregnancy app in the healthcare marketplace. This app comes with exclusive features like diet managers, belly selfie functions, and week-by-week pregnancy trackers.

TotallyPregnant is blessed with an intuitive interface and it’s super easy to navigate through it. This app comprises every essential feature an ideal pregnancy app must-have. Also, it’s power-packed with location-based technology and 3D fetus animation videos.

The majority of this app is available for free but it also has links to online stores and in-app purchases of classes such as yoga for pregnancy or Lamaze. Expert advice forums, baby gear shopping, informational videos, and personal photo albums are a few features that are like a cherry on the cake.

6. Insight Optics

As per the research performed by the World Health Organization, the total number of visually impaired individuals is around 285 million and this number is anticipated to rise in the future.

Insight Optics is exclusively for such patients to provide them with specialized eyesight care from an experienced ophthalmologist. The idea for creating such an app triggered the creators when they studied the staggering statistics that 50% of 71 million patients examined by an eye specialist are at risk of vision loss.

The primary job of this app is to log refer retinal exams to local ophthalmologists for review. This app provides the users with information on whether they need to see an eye specialist.

And in case there is a need, this app captures high-resolution images by integrating with the user’s phone camera so that to get useful insights into their eye health. Also, this app notifies patients of all the ophthalmologists or optometrists available nearby.

7. Doctor On Demand

This app is perfect for patients who have limited time or money as it allows them to interact with experienced nurse practitioners via video consultation. Ensure you check the nurse practitioner resume templates before you hire them. It allows doctors to treat several non-emergency medical disorders such as urinary tract infections, allergies, heartburn, sports injuries, cold and flu symptoms, upper respiratory infections, back pain, etc.

The doctors available on this platform write prescriptions for their patients and resolve all their health-related queries. Psychological help and location consultation are also offered as services. But you need to pay different rates for availing different services. Doctor On Demand comprises 1,400 state-licensed U.S. medical practitioners.

8. HelloMD

This app allows patients to find and interact with specialists catering to the exact ailment they’re suffering from. HelloMD connects users with certified surgeons or physicians including radiologists or neurologists.

Users need to wait for at least 24 hours in order to get their appointment fixed. They interact with their doctors via video calls. Also, the fee is different for each medical practitioner as they decide their own rates.

The majority of patients use this app to get an authentic second opinion. This app is a boon for patients whose health plan does not provide the benefits and they’re running out of money in their health saving account.


This app is equally useful for one and all associated with healthcare such as a student, nurse, pharmacist, etc. PEPID is an exclusive app for helping patients in emergency situations.

Also, it allows physicians to analyze the lab reports, exam findings, and patient’s symptoms quickly through the symptom checker. It facilitates smooth and fast diagnosis.

PEPID has the potential to upload a user’s data to the cloud automatically as soon as he signs in to the app. It also makes patients aware of different diseases, medical conditions, and their respective treatments.

All these insights are given by experienced professionals from the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. In addition, the app also comprises several reference videos demonstrating the physical examinations and clinical procedures so that to keep you updated.

10. Text4Baby

This is an ideal app for pregnant ladies and new mothers run and maintained by the National Healthy Mothers and Healthy Babies Coalition. Text4Baby provides its users with help via free SMS messages, reminders, and free pregnancy health-related advice.

In order to sign up, you just need to text BABY (or BEBE for Spanish) to 511411. Once the process is initiated, all you have to do is revert with your due date and zip code. Based on this information, the app sends relevant messages to you.

11. Digital Pharmacist

This app helps patients to communicate with their pharmacists easily about different medical conditions and ask for refilling or processing prescriptions all through the app. The sole aim of this app is to let pharmacists go digital and make healthcare information more accessible.

Digital Pharmacist also develops apps exclusively for pharmacies. Also, it has comprehensive digital solutions and cloud storage for them. This app makes the entire tedious process of prescription refill easier for pharmacists by giving them the opportunity to interact with their customers.

These eleven m-Health apps provide you with great medical aid and rescue patients in emergency situations. But still, it’s advisable to pay a personal visit to a clinical practice in case you are suffering from some serious disorder.

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