12 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe in Fitness Experts Anymore

What kind of lifestyle do most people actually consider as a form of healthy living? Some of the key factors might include:

  • Having a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Minimizing the number of stressful activities
  • Reducing alcohol use
  • Being a non-smoking citizen
  • Keeping yourself free from toxic relationships
  • Practicing proper hygiene
  • Maintaining constant exercise
  • Overpaying a personal fitness trainer—well, this last example might not be that much of a good idea.

What are Fitness, Experts?

Fitness experts, or more commonly known as personal trainers, are people that are accredited to have a shifting degree of proficiency involved in exercise prescription and instruction. Like most jobs, there are also different variations of people that consider themselves as personal trainers.

What are Fitness Experts

Sports and Athletic Trainers– usually hired by athletes for personal training.

Bodybuilding Trainers– trainers that specialize in helping bodybuilders

Rehabilitation and Physical Recovery Trainers– experts that are tasked to help in the recovery of injured individuals.

While most of these trainers are actually help with the training and guidance they provide, there are still some that are just a waste of your time and money’s worth in spite of their expensive paychecks. Here are a dozen reasons that you shouldn’t believe in some lackluster fitness trainers.

#1. The internet has everything

Let’s start this list off with a very simple answer—the internet. You can literally search for anything in the world-wide-web. Which basically means you can search for any kind of exercise you would want to try or even learn about. Images, descriptions, explanations, and tutorial videos often pop up when searched. Using the internet itself as your personal trainer is an efficient way to train, and also a less expensive alternative.

#2. Overtraining

Having a very charismatic and energetic coach or trainer may influence the trainee’s overall result or performance, but an overly hyped or aggressive coach may cause more harm than good. Sure, training should be intense in order for results to show, but too much is just too much. Overtraining your body may cause various difficulties with any kind of activity afterward. Training under this kind of regime is full of disadvantages.

#3. Undertraining

Anything too much is usually awful, but so is anything that is too less. A fitness expert’s job is to help the development of his or her respective trainee, barely doing any training at all would certainly lead to no results as expected with undertraining.

#4. Close-minded trainers

Tradition is sacred, but without development, we would probably still be in the stone-age. Some trainers are considered close-minded because some aren’t open to the idea of doing other exercise routines, most of the time diminishing or bashing other types of exercises that they are unfamiliar with.

If they know a certain way of doing an exercise or training, they’ll stick to that type of training and wouldn’t even bother considering other kinds of routines that they don’t feel like teaching.

#5. Personal trainers that just sit or stand around

Yes, as shocking as it seems, there are people who are paid to train that are somehow lazy. This type of trainer tends to not demonstrate exercises, and sometimes not even describe them. They show little to no emotion, motivation, and encouragement.  It feels like you’re just paying someone to watch you exercise, which is both costly and weird at the same time.

#6. Narcissistic or egocentric trainers

Are basically, trainers that care more about their own being than you? Some trainers are more occupied with themselves than the people they’re being paid by to take care of and develop.

When training or working out, a mirror is present most of the time, it should be used by the trainer to see all angles of your reflection and check if you are doing the proper steps of the task rather than using it for flexing their vanity. The type of trainer tends to even be cocky, which in turn lowers your self-esteem as a trainee, which doesn’t help at all.

#7. Some trainers aren’t even fit or healthy

As a part of their job, fitness experts should be the best examples for the people that they are training. It isn’t a requirement for a trainer to be built like a model, but if your trainer doesn’t have a healthier lifestyle than an average person, that might be considered as a problem. Nobody wants to follow advice and guidance from someone who doesn’t even set an example for his/herself.

#8. Trainers paying not enough attention

While training, getting distracted is one sin that is almost always committed.  But some trainers become so out of focus, they turn into a trainer that not even seems to care. Constantly checking his or her phone is a sign that your personal trainer or coach gets easily distracted.

#9. Trainers not planning ahead

Even before the very start of your training program, only the best trainers will have an already planned out workout regime suited for your current target or goal. Being unprepared means that you’re working out every time blindly, not seeing what the future might hold. Unless you and your trainer are future-oriented, you will just be wasting your time.

#10. Trainers that aren’t keeping track

Making yourself a commitment to a healthy lifestyle takes time and results don’t just happen overnight. There are trainers and coaches who don’t record your little by little progress, which could lead to frustration because of the lack of evidence of results. So recording your progress is a very essential thing to keep things on track and keep you motivated.

#11. They can be too expensive

Face it, not all can afford to pay for a personal trainer. As mentioned earlier, there are some alternatives that aren’t that hard to find. While some that can afford personal training from fitness experts may find trainers that are actually worth it, there is still a portion of fitness experts that aren’t worth the expense, especially the ones with any of the characteristics listed on this list.

#12. They couldn’t care less

The harsh reality is—some trainers would not care if you don’t produce results. Most trainers with this characteristic are likely to care more about the money you throw at them than the work you put in.

As what had been mentioned, not all fitness experts are bad, but not all fitness experts are of good quality. Most of the time, not having a fitness trainer is all the same as having one. There are cheaper and easier alternatives to achieve your health goals In the world we have today, you could do whatever you want with your money, but never hesitate to rethink and question your decisions and if how it affects you and your future.

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