Health Benefits of Hemp

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Since prehistoric times, man has known the benefits that can be derived from plant life. Herbs have formed the primary basis for medicines and cures for human diseases. Even animals realize this. For instance, you might find the cat family, a carnivorous group of animals, consuming normal grass from time to time whenever they feel gastric discomfort.

Even today, in the age of modern medicines and machinery, the man looks to herbs to stay healthy. Normal green tea leaves or olives and honey are common naturally occurring substances that people make use of every day due to their health benefits. But just like it is impossible to know everything about a said field, it is impossible to know everything about the world of herbs.

Hemp Plants

As a result of this misinformation, we have come to overlook several herbs that hold the promise to cure several diseases and allow several benefits. One of these plants is the hemp plant. The fact that the plants have been ignored for so long is because the hemp plant belongs to the family of Cannabis Sativa – a known addictive, psychoactive drug.

This association with cannabis automatically triggers a controversy about the hemp plant having psychoactive – “high” causing – qualities, where in truth it does not. The plant is cultivated mostly for its fiber but the stigma attached to it led to a global ban on the plant in the 1930s. But today, with more and more awareness about medicinal qualities, the world is realizing the benefits of the plants. Most of these benefits stem from cannabinoids, a material that affects the body in several different ways.

Here are some of the amazing benefits that you could get from Hemp Plants and the real power of hemp and CBD oils:

1. Heart:

The most important organ in the human body is also a fragile one. Heart attacks take up number one in being the leading causes of death around the world. This is mostly caused by the deposits of cholesterol that choke up your arteries and hinder the flow of blood. As you continue to consume more and more fat, the deposits increase, eventually closing off your arteries entirely.

However, hemp is one of the very few edibles in the world that contain polyunsaturated fats. These are fats that actually help in reducing bad cholesterol in your body. Hemp seeds are rich in Omega-3 which is a fatty acid. Introducing hemp seeds in your diet that can offset the disarray caused by predominantly omega-6 diets.

Moreover, amino acids such as arginine are also found in hemp seeds. This amino acid produces nitric oxide in your body, which is a great relaxant for your blood vessels. This leads to lower blood pressure and hence a significantly reduced risk of heart strokes.

2. Skin:

Another mode of benefit that hemp plants allow is to your health. A huge percentage of people around the world, especially teenagers, are greatly affected by acne. Acne can be caused by a number of various reasons. The most recurring among these is the absence of high Omega-3 content in your body that is essential to correct the omega-6 ratio.

The skin inflammation caused by acne can be improved with the help of hemp plants. Hemp provides omega-3, as discussed earlier, which may offset the excess omega-6 and increase skin health. Not just acne, the Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and fatty acids in Hemp are great for skin inflammations. Although the results may not be definitive yet, there does seem to be a great potential for this application of hemp.

3. Brain:

Hemp has also been seen to help greatly in problems related to the brain. Firstly, the CBD content of hemp may aid the immune system, making it both strong and defensible against diseases. The neuroprotective qualities of hemp are further known to help in treating diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Moreover, hemp has soothing qualities that help your brain cope up with major stress. It may even be beneficial in a battle against one of the biggest mental disease, that is depression and hemp might help ease anxiety and hence form a major proponent of mental health, especially among children that have a tendency to develop diseases like Parkinson’s early on in their lives.

When it comes to women, hemp is known to be helpful in dealing with the emotional and physical symptoms caused by premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in hemp seeds is known especially to help against the effects of prolactin that cause the PMS.

4. Stomach:

Hemp is also known to be helpful when it comes to stomach. As mentioned earlier in the article that the main focus of hemp cultivation is on fiber, both soluble and insoluble. This bulk of fiber found in hemp greatly aids digestion and keeps your stomach functioning efficiently with a lower threat of forming any serious diseases.

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