Health Benefits Of Using Medical Cannabis

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The holiday season has kicked in! While we binge on delicious sugary treats and binge-watch Christmas movies, we tend to forget about the health risks that are on the rise during winters.

Our body is prone to many health issues during winters. And, not all of them can be dealt with by following a proper diet and resting adequately. This is where medical cannabis comes into the picture! Ever since the legalization of marijuana in many parts of North America, many people have turned to medical cannabis for treating their ailments. Especially in winters, medical cannabis can be extremely helpful as the cold starts to expose your body to all sorts of health problems. Here are some benefits of using medical cannabis during winters:

Keeps Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) at bay

Come every winter, there are cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder on the rise. People dealing with SAD feel moody, irritated, and suffer from a lack of energy to follow the day-to-day routine. Experts believe that the gloomy weather of winter, with very little sunlight, is the reason for people to develop SAD.  Medical cannabis, especially CBD, is known to help ease the symptoms of SAD such as anxiety and sleeplessness. CBD, when balanced with a low dosage of THC, can increase serotonin levels that are essential for improving the mood, social behavior, digestion and regulates sleep patterns. According to a report from Strainprint, 48% of anxiety patients and 55% of insomnia patients prefer medical cannabis over prescription drugs to treat their symptoms.

Relieves Joint Pain/ Back Pain

Relieves Joint Pain-Back Pain

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Senior citizens usually suffer from joint pains and/or back pain. But in winters, young and old alike have to deal with the severe pain in joints, back, arms, and legs. Extreme cold weather can make your joints go stiff and can even aggravate the issues like a back spasm, back sprain, etc. Based on user experiences, medical marijuana acts as an effective pain reliever for those dealing with joint pains/ back pain. Any strain with a high amount of CBD and THC is considered ideal for relieving body pain. While high levels of THC helps in regulating the pain, the high volumes of CBD negate the high and anxiety caused by THC to give you a soothing sensation.

Keeps Epilepsy in check

According to a study, almost 50% of patients suffering from epilepsy experience increased episodes of seizures during winters due to unstable weather conditions. In 2018, the FDA had approved the use of medical cannabis to treat epilepsy in patients above 2 years of age. CBD Sativa strain works the best in keeping epilepsy in check. Epidiolex, an oil-based CBD extract has proved to be effective in reducing the frequency of seizure episodes.

Keeps body warm to combat the cold weather

Keeps body warm to combat the cold weather

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Keeping your body warm is one of the most essential precautions that one needs to take during winters. Depending on the type of cannabis you use, it could keep you either warm and cozy or freezing cold. A high volume of THC can induce hypothermia, but a high volume of CBD can keep your body warm. While THC dilates the peripheral blood vessels and reduces the blood flow to spread the cold across your body, CBD expands the blood vessels and thus improving the blood circulation to keep you warm.

Fights flu symptoms

Fights flu symptoms

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Flu, also known as influenza, is one of the most common infections to affect the human body in winters. Taking a preventive flu shot might help; but if the flu still attacks you, count on medical cannabis to help you out. A strain with a balanced ratio of THC and CBD can have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. It can help in tackling symptoms like headaches, loss of appetite and sleeping troubles. Strains with terpenes fight the virus infection by altering the immune system’s response to the virus.

Depending upon the health condition you are dealing with, consult your healthcare provider to zero-in on the right strains that would provide you relief this winter season. Happy holidays!

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