Szechuan Meals

From Hong Kong to New York, from Singapore to Shanghai – the bold flavors of Szechuan cuisine have captivated diners over the years. With an inspired twist on a traditional Asian favorite

The spicy, fragrant flavors of Szechuan cuisine has long been a favorite of folks who love bold flavors.

In fact, “Szechuan” means “four flavors,” and many of the dishes, we’re familiar with today were invented to satisfy the palate of China’s former emperor.

If you’re a fan of Asian food or even Chinese food in particular, then it’s time to discover what Szechuan cuisine has to offer.

If you live on the spicy Szechuan Peninsula, it means you eat hot pot, stir-fry, and stir-fry. These dishes dominate the Szechuan culinary landscape.

The items in this collection represent long-time favorites that have been customized with a twist, paying homage to the authentic flavors of Szechuan cuisine.

Each dish’s flavor profile is carefully modeled off the familiar taste you know and love, then brought into the present day with new and exciting regional influences.

So what are these exciting flavors?

Szechuan cooking is famous for its fiery chili oil and assertive flavors. On our newest menu, we’ve taken five classic dishes and added a twist based on the kind of chili oil you want to use: mild, medium, or fiery hot…or even a combination!

You can try:

  • Sichuan Chili Crisp, hot and spicy
  • Zhong Sauce, sweet and tangy
  • Mala spice mix, spicy and warm

Each dish is still a medley of vegetables, meats, and seafood that will keep your capsaicin receptors happy – but now there’s more flavor to choose from with these new takes.

Whether you’re more of a novice cook or more seasoned in the kitchen, the friendly, easy-to-use recipes mean everyone can put out an amazing meal.

From dumplings to wontons, noodles to rice, and soup to stir-fry, these oils will help you make new takes on classic Sichuan dishes.

You’ll enjoy exploring combinations and will be able to deliver bold flavors supported by the satisfying heartiness that’s a hallmark of Sichuan cooking.

Why is this cuisine such a success?

Szechuan cuisine

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Szechuan cuisine is a bold, spicy cuisine that is often misunderstood as just one dish: Kung Pao Chicken.

However, this region of China has a very unique and distinctive cuisines. Now it’s time to get adventurous and up the spice level by trying a new take on classic dishes!

Chili oil is a Chinese Szechuan specialty that’s made by slowly simmering dried chilies and other spices in vegetable oil until the mixture reduces to a glossy red and fragrant liquid.

A little chili oil added at the end of cooking adds a fiery hint of flavor to stir-fries, salads, noodles, and more.

Who loves bold, spicy cuisine?

Not for the faint of heart, Szechuan cuisine is not for everyone. Yet for those who love to taste something new and hot, exploring Szechuan is a must.

Now everyone can experience the bold, spicy cuisine of Szechuan, without the long trip. Szechuan peppercorns provide a unique and different flavor profile to any dish it accompanies, as well as unique health benefits – increasing metabolism, preventing indigestion, and aiding indigestion.

Known for its fiery flavor and complex mix of spices, its cuisine will keep any palate entertained. Combine the bold flavors of this broad cuisine, with heat.

Hot and spicy from Szechuan peppers, garlic, and chilies that are sauteed over high heat to create a tingly sensation in your mouth. Serve over chicken, shrimp scallops, or beef for a meal that will have you coming back for more.

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