Passion in Your Relationship

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Do you think you should settle for a love life without passion? Where everyone remains separated on their side of the bed with zero intimacy? Or maybe just a little touch? No matter how much we continue to ask questions regarding this same matter, the answer would always be a resounding “No!”.

Although we all know that sometimes our relationship just has to end, there are other times when there is so much ahead for both of us and yet we just can’t seem to find the correct purpose to hope for the best. Surprisingly, the solution is more evident than you thought and right in front of both of you, waiting to be grabbed and embraced. In today’s article, we will reveal four aspects that need to be fueled in your relationship that could set any couple in a beautiful romance.

1. Embrace Eroticism

What essences love and allow you to contemplate it in all its magic is eroticism. Every two souls who enjoy the passion of each other have their own way of perceiving it with love games, pleasure gadgets, and a very unique set of things known only to them. But, to be able to use its transforming capacities, it will be necessary to leave out some of the acquired prejudices.

Eroticism is “the story” that we live within ourselves about the intimate encounter with another being. Each person has erotic stories inside of their minds that, in general, do not dare to emerge for fear of ridicule or damage. We do not like feeling vulnerable to the other. The problem with this is that when we censor our erotic desires, they end up distorting within ourselves, causing imbalances, excesses, and disorders.

Therefore, we let out the sexual stories that lie within us, contemplating them and enjoying them as something healthy and natural that we can experience with our partner. Emerging our erotic personality will bring an innovative element to our intimate life, increasing levels of passion, connection, and confidence in our relationship.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Show Empathy

Being empathetic is the ability to listen with humility and see the world through the eyes of the other, without judging him. One way to practically cultivate empathy is to ask our partner to tell us freely, the relationship we maintain and then try to see the situation through their eyes. Ask him or her to tell you with full honesty; On a scale of zero to ten at what level would you rate our relationship at the moment?

If, for example, our partner answers “a six”, it is very important to receive the answer with humility, without entering into a fight or trying to prove that he is wrong in his evaluation, and calmly continue with the next question. The next phase would be to ask your partner “Could you please indicate to me if there is anything I could do to make it an eight or a nine?”

From then on we will have to listen, validate and integrate the vision of the other, without judging, fighting or defending anything but only receiving the opinions with total vulnerability. The key to well-maintained empathy is to always put ourselves in the partner’s shoes and observe reality through their eyes and desires.

3. Enthusiasm Is a Key for Bright Future

One of the requirements of an excellent romance is having a high level of positive energy. Passion is an energy that radiates from our own spirit. We feel it when there is an inspiration and to be inspired means to be enthusiastic with the fullness of our heart and soul.

When we are in this situation we have a higher level of energy and these are the moments when the passion gets born too! Ask yourself, would you be able to remember the little details that inspired your love towards your partner when you first began to know him?  What was your favorite thing about your partner? What important things did you have in common?

The purpose of these questions is to focus the mind on the good memories, thoughts, dispositions, and plans that will give meaning to the existence of the relationship.

4. Spirituality Can Connect You like Anything Else

For passion to flow there has to be intimacy and, in order to really be intimate with someone, you have to be willing to connect with their essence. Within the relationship, being in a spiritual bond means being able to reconnect with the essence of the other and of oneself.

Because when you are connected at that level, there is no fear, reproach, bad intentions, double meanings or hidden agendas but there is only genuine love. Inspiration is the antidote to fear and we all strive to be inspired, not frightened.

To achieve this, we must accept being vulnerable, which does not mean being weak but staying open to others and their way of accepting the world around them.

5. Always Show Gratitude

There is nothing easier than waking up in the morning with several reproaches to the other but this, instead of improving the problems, will only make the situation worse. If each day, while waking up, we consciously take the decision to create love instead of reproach and decided to place ourselves in an attitude of gratitude we will be writing a new chapter in the great book of the love.

Ask yourself what you are creating at each moment in your relationship. Is it love or continuity of blame? If you want to feel passion, you must first produce it. Do you remember those moments when your partner was the most important person in your life? When it wasn’t difficult to put your partner ahead of everything else? If you want to recover the passion in your relationship you have to put your love back in its place and let it be number one!

Maybe the scientists still can’t prove this, but, deep down in our souls, we all know that there is a greater force in this universe than love. Hug it with both hands and don’t let it go, as long as you think that there are still things to be saved for the good of both of you.

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Amy FisherAmy Fisher is an accomplished young journalist who has explored the socio-psychological effects of tourism and traveling, which also include a change in behavior patterns, mental well-being, and eros. A dedicated writer and analyst, she has created and managed digital content to promote healthy relationships for companies and individuals alike.

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