It’s easy to get lost in the fitness supplements aisle – especially if you’re just starting on your fitness journey. All the old-timers, experts, not to mention your favorite fitspiration’s talking endlessly about the importance of incorporating choice fitness supplements, can easily get you giddy about buying your own set.

The thing is, these supplements do not come cheap. And it is so easy to get carried away and impulse-buy these items – with new brands and new promises that are hard to resist. But your fitness supplements should not derail your spending.

We have listed five ways to help you save on your fitness supplements without losing or missing out on the benefits they add to your fitness journey. Read on to know more:

  1. Know your essentials.

There are many kinds of fitness supplements out there, each with a different promise and a different benefit. It is easy to fall into thinking that you need every kind of fitness supplement but in most cases, you really don’t. The challenging part is knowing which ones you need, and which ones you can easily live without. Here is a rough guide to fitness supplements.

  1. Buy online.

Buying online is especially helpful if you are still in the process of finding the type, brand, and combo that works for you. You can easily look through different brands and check out user reviews, plus you can easily compare prices and specifications of your fitness supplements without spending a single cent on gas. In most cases, too, online stores charge about as much as brick and mortar stores (maybe even cheaper) plus these online merchants hardly ever run out of special promos.

  1. Keep an eye out for promos, discounts, and coupons.

Whether you’re a fully-fledged online buyer or you trust your neighborhood supplement supplier, promos, discounts, and especially coupons do come in handy. Don’t forget to read the fine print that comes with each special discount opportunity to make the most out of your savings. A great place to find discounts on supplements is here.

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  1. Buy with friends.

Buying in bulk and splitting the bill can benefit you in two ways: (1) bulk purchases are almost always cheaper than retail prices, and (2) you can save on the shipping costs (if buying online). Find people around your gym who use the same products as you or who want to try out a new brand you’re buying and buy your items together. Not only will you save on your fitness supplement expenses; you will also get to try out the products other people are using and get to compare results on the products’ effectiveness.

  1. Buy ahead.

If you are buying your fitness supplements from an online store, ordering an item at least three weeks prior to shipment can cost you less than buying with next day deliveries. Keep tabs on how long each purchase lasts you so you can anticipate when you’re running out of a particular supplement and schedule your early orders accordingly.

Your supplements are some of the biggest investments in your fitness journey. Follow these steps and never be short-changed when you buy supplements again!

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