Healthy Diet While You Travel

Well, it certainly isn’t an easy task to maintain a healthy diet while traveling and sometimes you just fall prey to your vices. Just because you are on a vacation, doesn’t mean that your food habits need to go on a vacation too and poor dietary choices can take a serious toll on your health. The food that you eat on the road is like a traveling repair kit for your body and if you manage to screw that up, chances are your tummy might just end up bearing the brunt of this abnormal binging. This is bound to have an adverse impact on your immunity as well.

So what do you do at times like these?

Well, a little planning goes a long way when it comes to eating right while being on the road. Given below are 6 easy tips that you can follow to keep healthy without having to regret your food choices:

  1. Pack in advance:

    No, we aren’t referring to your luggage here. One of the best ways to ensure that you follow a healthy diet while on vacation is to pre-plan your food itinerary as soon as possible. When you do that you save yourself from the trouble of having unhealthy foods that you may pick up on the road. Pack some munchies like dry fruits, seasonal fruits, protein bars, whole-grain crackers or even some sandwiches. Every food item that you carry comes with an expiry date so try and choose hotels that come with an option of mini-fridge so you can use bring along foods of your choice and better yet, save up some money on having breakfast outside as well.

  2. Stay hydrated:

    Well, this point can’t be emphasized enough. Dehydration can be your biggest enemy while out on a vacation. Travelling can sap up your water reserves in your body so it’s a good idea to take a reusable water bottle with you and drinking water as often as you can. It’s best to stick with bottled water whilst traveling. The last thing you want is coming down with a waterborne disease that ruins the fun of your entire vacation. A good rule is to buy the biggest bottle of water as soon as you reach your destination and then tuck it away in your hotel. Refill your reusable water bottle as much as you can throughout the day. If you are looking for more such travel hacks and tricks, then be sure to visit Savvy Expeditioner. The site has the latest content shared by fellow travel enthusiasts.

  3. Reduce alcohol intake:

    This does seem hard, doesn’t it? Alcohol can interfere with the absorption of dietary nutrients which is bound to mess your body. Also having alcohol in excess can cause you bloating and really bad hangovers. We are not asking you to chuck your drinks but just keep them in moderation during your vacation. If you are in a place whose water seems questionable, Stick to cleaner options like a vodka soda, red or white wine or a simple dry martini. If you are unsure of the water of the place then it’s better to just stick with a plain old beer as they are a more hygienic option because they are usually served with sealed caps.

  4. Research your restaurants well:

    Scouting the places to eat on your vacation is always an added advantage. There is no shortage of apps in the play store that can help you in this endeavor. A little research would actually help you find the best restaurants in town and also the healthiest options. You can also look at the hotel or restos menu online and decide the places that you actually want to visit. Doing general research of restaurants will also help you plan your rests and stops in a better way. The last thing you want for yourself is to lose track of time traveling and eating at the very first place you find food bringing spontaneity into the mix and risking your food habits.

  5. Avoid skipping your meals:

    This tends to happen a lot while on vacation. Avoid the temptation to skip a meal even if you have a busy schedule ahead of you. Now, you may think it okay to do so but doing so can be numerous effects on your health like poor concentration, lethargy, and even hypoglycemia. If you really feel short on time then visit the local grocery store of your area and opt for fruits, berries, etc.

  6. Carry health supplements:

    Nutritional supplements are a great way to keep a check on your health. While these are no substitutes for a healthy diet, having some handy can ensure that you don’t experience any sort of deficiencies while on your trip. You can also try foods that are rich in probiotics like yogurt and fermented foods.

So there you have the six best foods to help you maintain a healthy diet while traveling. Happy travels.

About The Author:

Anirudh C is a wandering thinker and a traveler at heart. He has a profound inclination towards photography and traveling. He spends much of his time traveling and documenting its riches with his writing and images

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