To have the attractive rounder butt, everyone needs to frequently do a workout for the buttock to make it bigger. If you also want to be like that, let’s start practicing 6 simple exercises introduced below to own your perfect booty as you desire.

There are donkey kicks, clamshells height, clamshells, Glute Bridge, pulse squats and squat sidekick. These exercises improving your rounder booty is not only simple, but they are also practiced at home, which helps you to be more active in building on your stronger butt.

Having the firm, plump and charming is the dream of almost girls in the world, but not everyone is lucky enough to possess it. If your butt is not plump or it is sagging after giving birth, etc., don’t worry, you just need to exercise hard this building butt workout, and you will be free from worry right away.

1. Donkey Kicks


Donkey kicks exercise

Donkey Kicks: This is a common exercise you properly see in most of the online videos shared on firming and increasing the butt.

  1. Kneeling position with a hand on the floor
  2. kick right leg straight back up and get the feet up and down
  3. return the foot to the initial position and then do the same with the other

Perform 25 times for each leg.

Note: Do not curve your back and remember to tighten the gluteus when kicking legs up and down

2. Clamshells Hight

Clamshell Hight

Clamshell Hight

  1. Lying on the right side, the headrests on the lower right arm, placing the left hand in front of the belly, bending knees and creating a 90-degree angle with the hip and then raising the feet up to 10-20cm from the ground.
  2. Extending the left leg as much as possible
  3. Returning to the original position

Performing 25 times on each side. To increase the difficulties, you can tight the elastic rope at the knees and start exercising.

If you want to increase total body muscular strength and endurance, you can try the best home rowing machine. It can burn about 377 calories in 30 minutes.

3. Clamshells


Clamshells exercise

Doing the same to the clamshells hight. If you are in the trouble with the clamshells height, try this one first to be used to. You also lie on the ground with 1 side and bend the knees, but the difference is your legs are on the ground.

4. Glute Bridge


The Glute Bridge exercise

Instead of lifting your hip up and down, you will swing the hip with small arcs and don’t let the buttocks touch the floor.

  1. Lying on your back, bending the knees and getting 2 heels close to the butt. Two hands are outstretched.
  2. Pushing the hips up to that from the thigh to the chest creating one straight line, and then swinging the hip slightly to the left side.
  3. Lowering the hips down and do the same with the other side

Note: The butt doesn’t touch the floor and practicing 25 times for each side.

5. Pulse Squats


The Pulse Squat posture

You do as similar to the normal Squats, except that you won’t stand straight up. You keep your back and spine in a neutral spot and then squat down. Do it 25 times.

6. Squat Side Kick


Squat Sidekick

This is the most favorite exercise helping girls increase the butt size and we will practice a different variation of the Squat. If you don’t know what is Squat, so find out about Squat first.

  1. Standing straight, holding 2 hands in front of chest and opening shoulder-width feet.
  2. Pushing the hips backward like the Squat posture.

Note: the back has to be straight and the knees do not bend outwards the toes.

  1. When you stand straight up, kicking the left leg sideways the higher, the better. Repeating this 25 times and then switching side

After reading this article, you don’t have to ask Google how to increase the size of your butt anymore, and this home building butt workout will work if you practice them frequently.

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