7 Essential Oils You Can Use to Relax

Essential oils are a natural way to help you feel relaxed and calm. Yet, with so many essential oils to choose from, which ones are best for relaxation? Furthermore, how can you use the essential oils to help you relax? If you’re keen to start using natural products for relaxing, have a look at these 7 essential oils!

Should I Get an Oil Diffuser?

A great way to start using essential oils for relaxation is with the help of an oil diffuser. An oil diffuser will allow you to bring the essential oils aroma into the room where you have placed the oil diffuser which brings a relaxing aroma throughout the air.

Other ways to use essential oils could be placing a few drops of the essential oil directly onto your temples, wrists, or behind your ears. This is a great option if you are out and about or heading to work or school.

Relaxing and Calming Essential Oils

If you are searching for the best essential oils for relaxation, check out the 7 below!


Lavender is one of the most common and the most popular for relaxing. According to one study, inhaling lavender essential oil can decrease blood pressure and your heart, both of which are side effects of stress.

Ylang Ylang

This essential oil is a floral and sweet aroma from a Southeast Asian tropical tree. Ylang Ylang oil smells of the tropics yet it is powerful enough to calm and relax your nervous system.


Often seen as a tea, chamomile essential oil will relax you simply by inhaling the delicate scent. While most people feel relaxed by drinking the tea, the chamomile essential oil is a great alternative to drinking the tea.


One of the popular benefits of the rose essential oil is the fact that it can easily settle the emotional side of you. Rose is the second most popular, after lavender of course, and it can help with anxiety, grieving, and even panic attacks. The sweet, yet calming scent is a perfect choice for aromatherapy and relaxation.


Bergamot, or also known as citrus bergamot, is a fruit hybrid, a combination of a bitter orange and a lemon or a lime. Bergamot is often used in cooking or in the famous Earl Grey tea due to the distinct floral taste, but the essential oil of bergamot is a powerful relaxing agent. According to several studies, bergamot essential oil can significantly reduce your stress levels and your blood pressure.


Lemon essential oil, sometimes called Yuzu, provides a citrus scent that can soothe anxiety and stress. Lemon essential oil is a powerful stress fighting agent and can relax you within ten minutes. And while it is quick to act, it effects can last for up to half an hour.


Jasmine essential oil comes from the Jasmine flower and with it, a sweet scent. Jasmine is great for relaxation and even the scent of Jasmine teas can be soothing. The tranquillity associated with Jasmine essential oil has made it more popular over the years for relaxation.

The Final Word

Whether you decide to use an oil diffuser or take your essential oil with you wherever you go, these seven essential oils can help you relax throughout your days and nights. Remember to breathe their scent in thoroughly to reap the benefits and enjoy their aromas.

Which essential oils do you enjoy using for relaxation? Do you have a favorite aroma among our list? Comment below and let us know which essential oils you love to use in your life!

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