Make Your Feet Soft And Healthy

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There is no fun in having cracked or smelly feet, isn’t it?

The health of your feet is as important as the health of the general body. You should take care of your feet to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Thinking about the health of your feet, what should come to your mind?

Everyone wants soft feet, free of cracks, no odors and always moisturizes. That means you should learn little tricks and tips to have healthy feet. Below are some home remedies worth trying to reach that goal of soft and healthy feet.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda is kitchen stuff that is used in a ton of ways. But one exceptional way that sodium bicarbonate is used is for cleaning those feet! Tired of odor coming from the feet? Try baking soda and see the rapid results. It is a known killer for the unpleasant smell from the feet.

Baking soda is highly recommended for performing pedicures. It pampers the feet to the satisfaction you desire. At the same time, it softens feet which bring relaxation. As you know, all the vibrations in foot originate from touch points in the feet and trigger the entire nervous system of a person. With tenderer feet, your nerves work better because of pleasant sensation.

2. Olive Oil

Bored of the ugly cracks on your feet? Let that not be your biggest worry; olive oil is the secret you should discover. Using olive oil softens and smoothens feet while healing the cracks that reduce the appeal of your feet.

Before applying olive oil, first, scrap the feet with stone to eliminate the aging cells. Of course, the scrap will leave a lot of coarseness on the feet, meaning you should then wash thoroughly with lukewarm water then finally apply olive oil gently.

When applying olive oil, consider giving your feet a refreshing massage. Soothe the feet until you are satisfied the oil is appropriately applied deeper into the skin.

3. Honey

Honey is a natural healer used widely across the world. Whether you use honey internally or externally, you benefit from its medicinal value. One fundamental fact about honey is that it is a perfect moisturizer for the feet. Now that you understand the remedy for cracked feet, its time to grab some honey in your nearest store.

If you suffer from athlete’s foot disease, honey may well be the solution to your problem. With daily use, it reduces discomfort leaving the foot healthy. Fortunately, honey is a readily available commodity in many stores, so no excuses for cracked feet.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar is a magic solution to your foot problems. Not only does it heal many foot diseases but it also helps in the general health of your feet. A critical attribute of vinegar is that it is an antifungal agent. It combats fungal infections that are typically responsible for stinky feet.

Vinegar treats athletes’ foot and toenails fungal infection. It is advisable to soak feet daily for at least 10 minutes. You won’t expect results within a day; you probably need a couple of weeks to recognize the benefits of vinegar on your feet.

5. Trimming and buffing nails

Long nails, of course without asking are careers of dirt which is a cause of many foot infections Onychocryptosis is a disease arising from ingrown nails and you should avoid this disease by continually trimming your feet.

Long nails harbor bacteria, and it gets worse when one wears dirty socks. There is also the other risk of nail injury when you keep the nail too long. A nail injury could go deeper into the skin and may take longer to heal. Therefore, for better health of your feet, keep your nails short at all times.

6. Wash shoes

Apart from washing your feet on a daily basis, also ensure you clean your shoes from time to time. Wearing dirty shoes can lead to dermatitis and other fungal infections. Dirty shoes also bring terrible foot odor. (See also: Top 8 Natural Remedies For Swollen Feet And Ankles)

On a weekly basis, clean shoes and dry them very well. When you do not dry them effectively, you could worsen your foot problems. And remember; when wearing waterproof boots, your feet should be completely dry. Another tip for fighting shoe odors is putting tea bags inside the shoe overnight.

7. Use Antibacterial solutions or soap

You have the option of using an antibacterial solution or soap to clean your feet. Antibacterial solutions and solvents fight the foul smell. Experts recommend the use of these agents at least twice daily.


Now you understand a few home remedies that help you achieve good health of your feet. Put in mind the simple items, some of which are in your home already. Vinegar, baking powder, bacterial soap and honey, those are but a few. Also, consider trimming your feet and washing your shoes regularly. If you use them regularly, rest assured

About The Author:

J Miles is a Counselor and Coordinator working with Healthcare Providers to improve wellness in the workplace and in their personal lives.

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