Pets Are Good for Your Health

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It’s simply amazing how pets affect our lives without even trying. They bring us enormous amounts of joy, love, and warmth that we all so desperately need. No matter how difficult our days have been, when we come home and see our pets welcoming and missing us, we instantly get cheered up. This is something every pet owner will understand.

However, it’s not only about the emotional connection that pet owners create with their animals as taking care of a pet brings even more benefits. Pets are not just animals that we care for, they become our family members. We get so close to our pets that they become as important as our closest life companions.

As if this weren’t enough, pets also offer many health benefits that we all take for granted. This is not just speculation, as there are already lots of studies that confirm these benefits. Here are 7 positive effects they have on our health.

1. They make you active

A lot of animals require regular care and they make you active during the day. Dogs, for example, are very playful and we often go crazy around the house with them. At the same time, they require multiple walks during the day – regardless of whether you want to, you’ll have to be active for a dog to be healthy.

If you often like to lay down on the couch and do nothing, then a dog is the right pet for you. No matter how impossible it sounds, a dog has the power to make you get up to grab the leash and go out to play some fetch or simply run around the block.

2. They help build resistance to allergies in children

build resistance to allergies in children

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In the past, people thought that having family pets would spark allergies with kids and make them allergic to various things such as hair, feathers, or dust. However, many studies have concluded that animals actually help babies build their immune systems and become resistant to allergies.

For example, one study shows that exposing infants to pet allergens can help them reduce the risk of asthma. Animals are dirty, so the children exposed to their allergens and the dirt they spread can actually develop stronger immune systems. They will be less susceptible to diseases and allergic reactions when they get older.

3. Pets help everyone build stronger immune systems

Apart from helping small children pets can also help adults build stronger immune systems. A lot of pets that go outside bring in lots of germs, but this is not bad at all. This is also beneficial to adults, as germs help improve our immunity and make us more resistant to mild illnesses and colds.

Overall, people who have pets are generally healthier and get sick less from some of the most common illnesses. It’s not just kids who get health benefits, pets can help adults stay healthy as well.

4. Pets help reduce stress

It’s no secret that animals can reduce the stress of pet owners. Apart from the fact that every pet owner will tell you that their fluffy, furry, and cuddly friends help them get through a regular day, there are also many examples of animals helping stressed people.

For example, people who have PTSD are advised to get dog companions to help them cope with their disorder. The AHA also released a statement where they confirmed that having pets reduces stress.

5. Our animal friends improve our heart health

As pets give us all of their love it’s really no surprise that they have a positive effect on our heart. The time we spend with our pet helps alleviate stress, which leads to improved cardiovascular health. There are studies that confirm decreased risks of heart diseases with dog owners. They also have lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

But don’t worry, there is evidence that cat owners also have 40% reduced chances of having a heart attack due to their furry friends. At the same time, people with feline friends also have 30% fewer chances of dying from other cardiovascular diseases.

6. Greater emotional fortitude

Greater emotional fortitude

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People who are strong emotionally are more confident, resistant, and able to create healthy relationships that are tough to break. Almost all pet owners have these characteristics, as they learn responsibility, caring, and how it feels to be loved by someone unconditionally.

Animals also have the power to love and with their affection, they teach us how to love as well. Pet owners are also less likely to be introverted and they have the self-esteem to engage in social interactions and tackle the daily challenges that everyone faces. At the same time, pet owners seem to be better at handling rejection and recover from it more easily.

7. Pets not only make our lives better, they make them longer

Not only is there a direct link between improved cardiovascular health and pet ownership, but a study in Sweden has also shown that people who own dogs have a higher chance of living longer than those who don’t. This is especially true for people who live alone.

A pet can be a loyal life companion with the power to help you go through life and give you the care you need. Some would say that their love is what keeps us going forward. Our wish to keep them happy and healthy drives us to become better people.

If you are considering getting a pet, I hope that this post has convinced you to do so. Animals are amazing beings that can sustain us through tough times and help us see life in a more positive way. Do you have a pet?

Can you tell us about your relationship with your pet and how your favorite animal helped you in life? Feel free to share your experiences and help convince others to embark on this magical journey of pet ownership. (See also: Why Pets Are the Key to Improved Health and Fitness [7 Amazing Facts])

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