road bike safety tips
Courtesy of: RoadBikeHub

Road bikers should take extra steps to ensure their safety when riding on public roadways. There are items that a road biker should always keep with them, steps to follow before the journey and rules to follow to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe while biking.

Pre-Ride Checklist

A prepared road biker always keeps a pack with a few essentials including tools for basic bike repairs and bottled water. Before the trip, the rider should check the tire pressure and pump them up if needed. The rider should also check the chain and brakes to be sure they’re working properly. Always wear a helmet and shoes made for riding. So remember this checklist for your good road bike before going out your home.

Safety While Riding

The rider should always follow the laws of the road and ride predictably. This means no sudden swerving or unnecessary sudden stops. Always be conspicuous, wear bright clothing, and ride where you can be seen. Watch vehicles around you and always think ahead to potential problems that may occur. Ride ready, which means be prepared for anything that may come up, whether it be an accident or an issue with your bike. Be aware of all highway codes, follow them exactly and always wear your safety gear.

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