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A foster parent or foster carer plays an important role in the society for young minds. Complex situations force a child to be separated from his or her parents for a certain period of time. If the parent is unfit to take care of the child or if the living conditions provided to the child are not sufficient, the child is extracted from the unfit parents and placed under a government social service agency.

These agencies find suitable state-certified foster parents to place the child into their care, where he or she can grow under better circumstances and suitable living conditions. Being a foster carer is more than just being a parent. It is a noble purpose to give love and care to nourish a child and love him like your own. It is also a rewarding career that is filled with joy.

Becoming a foster parent

Children are the purest source of happiness a home can have. They beam with joy and fill the house with their booming energy. You can be a foster parent even if you are unmarried, middle class or has never been a mother before. To love a child is the easiest thing in the world. Being a foster carer requires to take care of the child’s emotional as well as physical needs without fail. Emotional attachment is required to help bond with the child and make him feel at home, but it is also required to understand that fostering is always for a longer period of time not more than a few years.

In cases where the child cannot be reunited with relatives or parents, there is also an option for the foster parents to adopt him into their home. However, this can happen only after the ties with the biological parent have been severed.

The process of enrolling as a foster carer

Any interested adult is eligible to become a foster carer. This is a process that will help you grow as an individual as well as a parent. Your part in that child’s life will have a long lasting impression on him and help him mature into a responsible adult with a healthy childhood. If you are a couple who are considering adoption but is not certain, then being a foster carer may be a good start for you. If you are an elderly couple with a big home and grown-up children who have left their home to pursue their dreams, this is a chance to put an end to that loneliness and fill up the house with young voices and liveliness.

Enrolling yourself as foster carer begins by contacting your state-appointed agency or social services to commence your application process. These agencies will be with you throughout the process, guiding you whenever necessary. These institutions are committed to finding a loving home for children where the foster parents and children can have a successful relationship.  If you are turning into a foster carer for the first time, you may have to attend an orientation or pre-service class organized to get you on track and to know what to expect. These classes also educate you on what challenges these youth may face.

Finishing the application process

application process

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Finishing the application processes include verifications of your income, criminal record, and age. These are done to ensure that you will be a solid candidate to provide a warm and loving home to any child you may be allotted to. You will be assigned a caseworker after the application process is completed. This will be your immediate link to the foster child and hence it is important to trust and cooperate with the caseworker assigned by the agency of your choice.

The rewards of foster parenting

Foster parenting is a way to use your life experience to help others and helping vulnerable children reach their potential. Thinking of fostering as a career can lead to thoughts regarding income and expenses. You will need a capital to invest in the foster children for their clothes, food, and to nurture their hobbies and interests. Mary Hammond from Perpetual Fostering explains that the need for foster parents continues to grow every day.

Foster payments are in the form of allowances and rewards. Usually, the payment is made in regularly timed intervals which can be weekly or monthly. The allowance is the amount given to you for the expense that you put in by caring for the child. His bills for the dentist, hospitals, optician and personal expenses such as food, clothing, and hobbies are covered by this fund. This amount is determined by the government based on the age of the child and your living conditions.

The latter part of the foster payments called reward is the payment you receive for the important job that you do. This reward is based on your prior experience as well as the nature of the foster placement that you are involved in. You may receive more rewards if you are an experienced foster carer who has been involved in many cases or if you have been placed with a more challenging case such as a mother and baby. The amount varies based on the region as well as the agencies and local authorities involved. An added advantage to taking fostering as a career is that you get tax reliefs. You can hence earn more by being a foster carer than a regular job with the same salary as you can save upon the income tax amount.

The support system

Agencies provide support that extends beyond finances such as support and training. It is important to consider these factors as well before you foster. You will be providing unconditional love and support for a child who desperately seeks it and in some situations, you may need the right support along the way. From the beginning of the process of welcoming the child, the agencies will provide the required support throughout your journey as a foster parent. There can be difficult situations while raising a child but at the end of the day, it may be the most fulfilling career option you can have.

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