Dermal Lip Fillers

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There are several reasons you may be unhappy with the size and shape of your lips.

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller lips. Whether it is due to natural aging and your lips have started to appear thinner and less defined, or your lips have always been narrow with a poorly pronounced cupid’s bow, you may be contemplating lip augmentation.

If you are considering lip fillers, do your research before undergoing treatment. Make sure you know where you should get the procedure performed, how much it will cost, and the safety of the products being used.

1. What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers, known scientifically as lip augmentation, are the process of injecting the lips to give them a plumper pout and enhanced definition.

The procedure is used to increase the fullness and firmness of the lips, especially the top lip, creating a pleasing aesthetic outcome and a youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

2. Available types of lip filler in the market?

The most common types of lip filler available are dermal fillers, which, aside from being used in the lips, are used on the skin of the face to restore volume and fullness, fill out wrinkles, and lift the cheeks.

The most well-known dermal fillers include Juvéderm® and Restylane®, which are FDA-approved and contain hyaluronic acid, a gel-like molecule found naturally in the skin that encourages the production of collagen and helps keep skin plump and hydrated.

Injectables containing hyaluronic acid are also popular because it is more resistant to degradation than other products, so the effects last longer.

Additionally, lesser-known fillers, such as collagen and Hylaform® may be used for the procedure, but are typically reserved to enhance other areas of the face.

3. What to expect during the lip filling procedure?

Lip augmentation is an incredibly effective and straightforward non-invasive procedure.

  1. The injection sites are cleaned with an alcohol solution.
  2. A numbing agent may also be applied to relieve discomfort.
  3. The area where the filler will be injected is marked.
  4. The injections are administered in small controlled doses and may cause a sensation similar to an insect bite which lasts only a few
  5. The area is massaged with ice to reduce swelling.

4. What are the risks of using lip fillers?

As with all cosmetic procedures, lip augmentation is not without its side effects and risks.

However, most of these are manageable, and certainly not life-threatening.

Dermal Lip Fillers

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Common side effects from lip fillers include bleeding, swelling, bruising, and redness of the injection sites. Lip fillers may also cause cold sores to form on or around the lips.

These side effects are usually only temporary and should subside after a couple of days.

More serious side effects include severe swelling, lumps, asymmetrical lips, infection, reduced blood flow to the lip, and allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid.

If you experience any of these symptoms following the treatment, it is essential you seek medical advice immediately.

5. Where should I get lip fillers done? Is the dentist safe for lip augmentation?

Although you may not first think to visit your local dental practice for lip augmentation, a dentist may be the best healthcare professional to perform the treatment.

Dentists are familiar with facial anatomy and know exactly where lip fillers should be placed for optimum results. They understand the skeletal structures, physiology, the vascular and nervous system of the face, and overall facial aesthetics.

Dentists also focus on the proper ratio of lips to teeth and how the teeth relate to the soft tissue around the mouth.

Dentists are also proficient injectors because they inject anesthetics for a living and know how to make injections comfortable and quick.

If you are looking for lip fillers, you should aim to find a highly-qualified dentist with a wealth of knowledge on the subject and extensive experience in performing the lip filler procedure.

Ask your dentist for before-and-after photos, licenses, and any other evidence of their work before committing to lip augmentation.

6. Is there any age limit for lip augmentation?

There are currently no age restrictions for getting lip augmentation in the UK.

However, it is unlikely that a trusted professional will consent to carry out a lip filler procedure on you if you are under the age of 18. The age limit is advisory and not a legal requirement.

As for the upper age limit for lip fillers, there isn’t one. No matter your age, discussing your requirements with a healthcare professional is the only way to be sure you are eligible for treatment based on your circumstances.

7. Lip fillers aftercare tips

There are certain things you can do to care for your lips after getting lip fillers. Swelling of the lips can be reduced by staying hydrated, applying ice directly to the area, maintaining a healthy diet, and avoiding exercise for one-to-two days following the treatment.

It is advised not to smoke immediately after your lip filler treatment, as this may dry out the skin of the lips.

Additionally, avoiding processed foods, excess salt, spicy foods, and blood-thinning medication is recommended for the days after the procedure.

8. How long do lip fillers last?

Lip fillers are not a permanent solution, and if you are interested in having plumper lips in the inevitable future, you should be prepared to attend repeat treatments when necessary.

The effects of lip augmentation can last up to a year, but your dentist can give you a more realistic timeframe based on your treatment.

Because hyaluronic acid injections prompt the skin to produce more collagen, you should find that while the effects of your fillers do wear off over time, your lips will be left with natural plumpness.

If you are interested in a repeat procedure, seek advice from a specialist, who can tell you whether the original filler has significantly dissolved, in which case, re-treatment can be considered. It is usually advised to wait at least six months between treatments.

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