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The problem of hair fall and hair loss is not just restricted to a select few, but are common issues that are being faced by people of all age groups. A busy lifestyle and poor diet start taking a toll on one’s health and is demonstrated by one’s skin and hair, particularly hair loss. However, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), these are not the only culprits. Hair loss can be caused due to a number of factors, spanning from overuse of hair products and over the styling of hair, and also due to genetics or certain medical conditions. Fortunately enough, advancements in technology have brought about various methods that offer an effective cure for problems related to hair loss. Here is a guide of top five solutions that you can resort to taking care of your hair loss associated woes:

1. Hair Transplant

Probably the most famous and recommended method by trichologists, hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical process. The surgeon harvests hair grafts from the areas of scalp abundant in hair and transplants these hair grafts into regions with less or no hair. The area that needs to be operated upon is made numb by using local anesthesia to collect hair follicles along with their roots. These hair follicles are resistant to the DHT hormone, which is responsible for causing hair loss. As a result, healthy hair regrowth occurs in the previously bald areas of the scalp, and the transplanted hair follow their natural cycle of growth and shedding. Donor’s hair is mostly harvested from the back and sides of the head as hair follicles exist for a lifetime in these regions. The extraction is done using a motorized extracting machine, and hence the patients experience no pain. Similarly, the implantation is also done using a hair transplantation pen, which is a specialized packing equipment. While it may take anywhere between three to eight months for signs of regular hair growth, the results of this treatment are permanent.

2. Medications for permanent hair loss

 One of the methods of triggering stable hair growth and to ultimately cure hair loss is adhering to medication prescribed by trichologists. However, it is important that patients follow the dose until the recommended duration, depending on the severity of hair loss. Rogaine and Propecia are some famous medicines for the purpose. While Rogaine is a topical medicine that’s applied on the scalp in the form of a lotion, Propecia is a pill that needs to be consumed daily for visible outcomes. Both the medicines are known to treat all kinds of pattern baldness and are approved by the FDA. Even though they are available over the counter, it is advised that patients consult their doctors about the right dosage regarding their individual hair loss concerns.

3. Scalp Reduction Process

 Scalp reduction surgery is another famous procedure used as a permanent solution for hair loss, particularly top-hair baldness. In this procedure, the surgeon moves the skin on the patient’s scalp that has hair to cover the bald areas. For instance, skin from the sides of the head may be pulled up and stitched together if the top of the head is bare. While it’s an effective treatment for baldness, this option is not suitable for everyone. Depending on the cause and extent of the hair loss, the best candidates for a scalp reduction program are the ones who have a healthy scalp skin. This is crucial to the treatment as the skin has to possess enough elasticity to be stretched to other parts of the head. Similarly, scalp reduction surgery will not be effective for patients who have multiple bald patches, and those who have had temporary hair loss due to illness, stress, or hormone fluctuations.

4. Laser-light devices

There are several in-clinic laser light treatments and at-home handheld devices that stimulate blood flow to grow new hair. Unlike hair transplants, laser-light therapy may require several sessions to show visible results of hair growth. Since the treatment is performed using laser light, there is no surgical invasion involved, and consequently, no scarring. The sessions may last for as long as three weeks and have no significant side effects or post-procedure care. Laser light therapy is the best option for men and women who have noticed an abnormal shedding of hair and want to regain and maintain the hair they have on their head.

5. Stem Cell Therapy

 A groundbreaking hair loss treatment for hair regrowth, stem cell therapy shows positive results within three to four months of its inception. Unlike other surgical hair restoration procedures, stem cell therapy is entirely safe and bears no side effects. The hair follicles in the scalp have stem cells in the center of the follicles which provide a constant supply of cells for the generation of hair. A gradual decrease of these stem cells leads to baldness in both males and females. The non-surgical stem cell therapy procedure regrows hair follicles by renewing stem cells through cell division, thus helping in stimulation of inactive hair follicles in areas of baldness. However, despite its advantages, stem cell therapy is still a fairly new technique for treating hair loss, and as a result, its effectiveness over an extended period of time still remains unknown.

These five treatments can provide relief to your hair loss problems. While hair transplant procedures have been around for some time, new alternative methods are also coming forward. Whether you’re thinking of getting a hair transplant in Bangalore, or any other part of the country, make sure to consult with your doctors before going ahead with a treatment procedure.

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