If you’re a fan of Disney princesses, you must wonder how they all are able to maintain their youthful appearances. Obviously, they’re animated characters, but there are a few things you must think twice to know what truth lies behind. For instance, let’s talk about Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty. How is she able to maintain her vigorous and natural beauty during her sleeping time – for all the years? Is it some sort of myth or is it just our minds playing tricks? Well, it’s sleeping. Yes, sleeping – especially a good night’s sleep – that has been the long-lost beauty secret.

Beauty Sleep

People keep trying beauty products to become young once again, while most comply with the ‘you are what you eat’ idea. Both of these are effective only if you get a full 8-hour sleep. Tell you what, the notion of beauty sleep isn’t just an expression – it’s real and there is science behind it! If you try sleeping properly for complete 8 hours, you will see the difference within a few days. That’s what they say about ‘you’re what you eat’, isn’t it? Just a few days and the youthful glow will be back in no time.

Beauty Sleep Secrets

So, still wondering what your beauty sleep experiment will bring you? Don’t worry; here’s a list of a few beauty sleep benefits that your skin had been asking for all along.

1. Less Wrinkles

Far from the myth, our skins undergo an anti-aging mechanism or say a self-repair mode during sleep. Since you don’t have to burden your head with all the day’s hassles, your skin can finally relax and start making collagen. This production of collagen prevents your skin from sagging – the more the collagen, the plumper and less wrinkly skin you’ll have. If you sleep for hours less than 8, chances are that your skin will become drier and the fine lines on your face will become more visible.

2. A Healthy and Glowing Complexion

You must have seen that sleep-deprived people are always looking pale. The reason is that reduced sleep can cause a decrease in the blood flow around your face. While you snooze, the blood flow becomes active, meaning that you’ll probably be waking up with rosy cheeks and a honey-dewed complexion.

3. Bright and Shiny Eyes

When we don’t sleep, we generally experience a feeling of tiredness and puffiness under our eyes. Dark circles are also common regarding sleep-deprivation. When you snooze for the right amount of time along, you’ll have less puffiness under your eyes. Apart from sleep, keeping yourself hydrated and elevating your head with a comforting and cooling pillow can help reduce swelling. You will believe when people tell you how bright and shiny your eyes are getting each day.

4. Strong and Healthy Hair

With sleep, it is not only your skin that gets better; it’s your hair too. Lack of sleep causes hair loss, damage, and retarded growth. Since the blood flow increases during sleep, the hair roots get nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. And when the blood flow decreases due to sleep-deprivation, the hair weakens and becomes prone to falling off. Moreover, lack of sleep can also cause stress, which might become a co-factor for hair loss.

5. Happy Skin, Happy You

You must have seen people frowning in their sleep and you’d have wondered if they are having a bad dream. Well, I don’t know if the bad dream can explain it, but a lack of sleep can. When we are tired, our facial expressions respond to our feelings of tiredness and the need for rest. They become sadder and tired-looking. On the contrary, if you sleep well enough, you will notice your mouth drooping less and your expressions making peace with your face. No wonder how happy people manage life so easily!

6. Use Before-Bed Skin Care Products

While your skin starts on the mission repair, it is not defending itself from the harmful free-radicals in the atmosphere. Using beauty products before bed will help you boost that blood flow and allow for the protection. Plus, you can also avoid your skin going dry by using a cream moisturizer and hydrating yourself well.

All you have to do now is to make believe that sleeping beauty isn’t just animation or a myth; it is the elixir to youthfulness you had been missing all your life!

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FaizaFaiza Zafar is an Electronic Engineer by profession and a writer by passion. She works as a freelance content writer for an international digital marketing agency. She runs her own blog called iExpress Blog where she passionately writes about health, beauty, fitness and more.

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