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When most people hear the word braces, what comes to mind is the traditional metallic braces. Braces are used to realign teeth and solve teeth imperfections such as crooked teeth and gaps between teeth. Today, the Invisalign braces are gaining popularity because of their many advantages over metallic braces.

Invisalign braces, which you can get at Fort Lauderdale dentists, are made of plastic aligners. Even though they are more expensive than traditional braces, they come with many benefits. Below are some of the other benefits of Invisalign braces over traditional ones.

They are removable

Metallic braces are glued to the teeth, meaning that you have to have then on until an orthodontics specialist removes them. Wearing visible braces everywhere could make you feel self-conscious or affect your self-confidence. Food particles could also get stuck on the braces causing oral hygiene problems. Invisible braces are removable and give you more comfort when eating or brushing your teeth.

You do not have to give up your favorite foods

With the traditional braces, you may have to give up on some foods. Some foods may be too hard or too sticky to eat when you have your braces on. Consider that you have to change your diet for a long time since full treatment may take up to 6 months. With removable invisible braces, you get to eat whatever you want.

Fewer visits to the orthodontist

When you go for Invisaligners, the orthodontist makes all the customized retainers in the lab before you wear them. They can do this through a 3D scan. You can, therefore, change the many sets of retainers based on the direction of your orthodontist. Being able to change the retainers yourself means fewer visits to the dentist, which saves you time and other costs.

They are better for oral health

With fixed metallic braces, you cannot properly clean or floss your mouth. Improper cleaning of teeth leads to dental problems when food particles remain stuck on the teeth or the braces. Invisaligners are better for oral health as you can remove them when you need to clean or floss your teeth.

They are not visible

While wearing metallic braces, you get to attract attention every time you open your mouth. Traditional braces give your teeth an unattractive appearance. On the contrary, Invisalign braces are clear, meaning that people will hardly notice that you have braces on.

They achieve faster results than traditional braces

Invisaligners are more efficient in correcting teeth disorders such as overbites and small gaps between teeth. They are faster than metallic braces. As a patient, however, you should wear them as prescribed by the dentist. Leaving them out for prolonged periods will slow down the recovery process.

With Invisaligners, you get to know the result before you begin

When you are using clear aligners, the dentist creates a virtual model of your teeth and what your final teeth look like. You can know each step of the treatment process, how the look of your teeth will be changing, and how long the process will take.

Invisaligners can correct a variety of dental problems

Invisaligners work for many teeth disorders such as crooked teeth, crowding, and crossbites. They also correct underbites and overbites. They are also suitable for simple short term treatments. For example, you can straighten your teeth in less than six months using Invisaligners.

They are safer

Studies indicate that conventional braces are more dangerous than Invisalign ones. There have been claims that Invisalign braces have caused allergic reactions, but these remain unverified. Metallic braces, however, are sure to cause allergic reactions. Traditional braces are made from materials that release chromium, iron, and especially nickel, which is a recipe for many allergic reactions. Metal braces are also dangerous to have on while playing sports. They could cause injuries to the lips, tongue, and gums in case of any accidents.

Invisalign braces are safer to wear than metallic ones. They are fitted to the mouth, leaving no spaces for cuts on the inside of the cheeks, which is a problem with metallic braces.

Even with all the advantages, Invisaligners cannot correct every type of tooth imperfection. They may not be suitable for some dental problems such as large gaps between teeth or for correcting tooth shape. Before you decide the type of braces to go for, seek the advice of a dentist. Additionally, never try to use DIY teeth straightening methods to correct teeth imperfections.  The result could be fatal.  It is much better to invest in braces, which will help you safely achieve the result you need.

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