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Some people get up at the crack of dawn, lace up their crossfit shoes and go to the park to get fit before breakfast, other prefer to exercise at noon or in the evening. Why does it happen? Why haven’t we got the fixed time for working out? Sometimes so many questions arise in our head that we have neither time nor wish to get fit. Something must be done about it. We need to know, once and for all, what is the best time to work out?

If you want to get the results from the workouts they must be, firstly, constant and then full of useful exercises for your body. To have regular training everyone must find the perfect time for working out. Finding the ideal part of the day to exercise depends on not only the personal preferences, physiological characteristics, but also on the chronotype of the person.

Person`s Chronotype

The researchers single out three person`s chronotypes: “lark” (a person who gets up early in the morning, who is always active in the morning, who is active in daytime and less active in the evening), “owl” (active in the evening and at night and can’t do nothing in the morning just sleep) and “pigeon”  (intermediate chronotype which combines the peculiarities of the “lark” and “owl” that`s why such person has more flexibility daily regime).

Before starting to work out you must find what chronotype you are and if you`re a lark it would be better to get fit in the morning. If you`re an owl your time for exercising is evening. If you are a pigeon you can choose afternoon as the right time for your training.   

Physiological Characteristics

A lot of experts offer their opinions turning to the question what is the most suitable time for working out. They are often based on the person’s physiological characteristics.

  1. Advantages of Morning Training:

  • Working out in the morning is more useful to later the day as your metabolism is heightened than in the afternoon and in the evening that`s why you burns calories faster (it`s important to exercise before breakfast to have the empty stomach).
  • In the morning your liver`s carbohydrate stores are relatively empty that’s why it would be easy for you to run, walk, do yoga or aerobics.
  1. Advantages of Workout at noon:

  • In the afternoon the body temperature is higher than in the morning. Thus, the muscles at noon are not so still as they are in the morning so you don’t pull them and you shouldn’t have so long warm-up as in the morning.
  • You must pay attention to your hormone levels during the training. Testosterone is an important hormone that helps your muscles to grow and be strong. The human body produces more testosterone in the afternoon. Also, cortisol – the stress hormone – decreases throughout the day and make you feel comfortable and calm during the workout.
  1. Advantages of Evening Exercise:

  • To exercise in the evening before going to bed is a nice way to clear your head and reduce the stress of the day.
  • Evening workout is the best cure for insomnia. After working out your muscles will be tired and when you get to your bed you certainly fall into a deep sleep.

Personal Preferences

Most of all the finding of the best time for your workout depends on you: your desire, your will power, and your schedule.

You should realize when you get pleasure from your training. Try to train in the morning for a couple of weeks, then in the afternoon and then in the early evening. What workouts will be more pleasant and efficient and what will make you feel good afterward show you the right time to get fit.  

Actually, if you can’t understand yourself, you can adapt your body to any part of the day. All you need is schedule your workout at the same time each day and in a month you will make it a habit.

Remember the choice is always yours: the decision is fully up to you. But before starting your workouts be sure that you’ve chosen the best time for your everyday exercise as this is a key that you continue your training.  

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