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In most countries, the wedding season lasts throughout the winter season and in India, the months from November to January can be chilling.

However, this does not mean that you don’t get to dress up the way you want to. In fact, the winter season brings with itself many more graceful possibilities that you can explore while dressing up for a wedding.

If you are planning to dress up for a winter wedding and can’t decide what to wear, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Whether you are looking for blouse designs for your lehenga or saree, here are some blouse designs that you can take inspiration from and rock the look that you want:

High-Neck Blouses

Instead of wearing a cold-shoulder blouse with a saree or a lehenga, try out blouses with high-necks.

A high neck collar style blouse protects your neck and throat from being exposed to the chilly winds and also adds a very classic grace to your outfit, whatever it may be.

Full-sleeved embroidered high-neck blouses are very popular, especially in the case of collar Anarkalis.

What’s better than a blouse design that keeps you warm and makes you look gorgeous at the same time?

High-Neck Blouses

Image Via: Shobha Kewal

Long Saree Blouses

If you are planning to rock the ‘six yards of grace’ look at a winter wedding but are scared of the weather, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, and quite literally at that.

You can opt for long saree blouses, whatever way you end up draping your saree. A long blouse will cover your waist and protect you from the cold.

At the same time, it is different from the usual saree blouses that are open at the waist.

After all, there is nothing better than a beautiful attire that not only makes you stand out but also keeps you warm and cozy!

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Long Saree Blouses

Image Via: Sheetal Dang Gupta Makeup Artistry 


Peplum blouses are one of the most favorable choices for most brides who plan on getting married in winters.

In addition to providing comfort from the biting cold because of their length, they also provide a fresh and new look. Peplums can be paired with all kinds of outfit pieces like lehengas, or salwars, and even with regular pants.

This simple yet much-needed innovation in blouse designs for a winter wedding has proven to be a very trendy option for many brides.


Image Via: KayDee Makeup Artist 

Jacket style blouse designs

If you are willing to opt for a contemporary look for your winter wedding, you can go for a blouse with a jacket to pair with the lehenga or saree.

Placing a jacket on a traditional outfit like a saree gives it a modern touch and obviously, makes the overall look ideal for a wedding in the winter season.

While it may be an unconventional idea to pair a jacket blouse with a saree, many brides are experimenting with the look and different styles of jackets this wedding season.

Jacket style blouse designs

Image Via: SVA by Sonam and Paras 

Velvet blouse: More than a blouse design, this one is a material ideal for your blouse for a winter wedding outfit.

A closed round-neck blouse in velvet is the most ideal option for a winter wedding if you are going for a typical traditional wedding.

A velvet blouse gives you a very rich and graceful look and makes you feel comfortable and warm at the same time.

Velvet blouse

Image Via: House of Masaba

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