Camping Benefits and How It Helps You To Relieve Stress

When it comes to camping, one of its amazing benefits is the stress relief. The effects of time in the great outdoors are so significant to your stress levels that there are now companies offering wilderness therapy programs to help ease the symptoms of stress and other mental problems.

A lifetime of wilderness exploration will give you a great understanding of the impact that time and nature have on your mental health. Therefore, we are going to discuss more about the camping benefits as well as how it helps you to relieve stress effectively.

Do you have time to go camping regularly?

In particular, camping is not only a leisure activity to do on the weekends. It has a bunch of positive effects on a person’s health. And of course, you need to go camping in the right way to maximize its benefits on your body and your mind.

1. Disconnect your mobile phone

The first tip to relieve your stress during your camping is to unplug and disconnect the explosion of mobile technology. It is proven that anxiety and poor sleep can be connected with the overuse of phones and computers.

So, a weekend camping without these items will do you better than you might realize. Spending your time away from your phones also allows you to connect with nature as well as your natural surroundings.

As a result, I highly recommend that you should enjoy the moments with nature and abandon your phones. If turning off your phone is out of the question, then turn it on to the silent mode and put it at the bottom of your bag.

And well, you can give yourself 15 minutes near the end of the day to catch up on anything you may have missed before turning it off until the same time of the next day.

A small tip is that you can bring along the solar charger for backpacking in case your phone is out of battery since you may go camping for a long time.

2. Breathe deeply

Breathe deeply

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Do you wonder why we need to take a deep breath when stepping into the fresh air?

Well, the air in the areas of high-tree density has a higher level of oxygen in it. And a big deep breath can send extra oxygen to your brain. This, in turn, releases more of the good stuff serotonin, which will elevate your mood.

Furthermore, camping in the free air will help detoxify the body, which gives your immune system an extra boost for all-around good health. Thus, starting a day at camp with some deep breaths will get you to feel great instantly.

3. Being active

We all know how great being active is for our health. Therefore, participating in physical activities such as hiking out to your designated campgrounds and setting up your tents can burn more calories, strengthen your muscles, stabilize your joints, and improve your general fitness.

Moreover, cardiovascular exercises will help keep your heart and your lungs healthy. People going out camping claim to have a better night’s sleep when outdoors compared to at home in the comfort of their bed.

This is because, after a day full of venturing outdoors, people are exhausted and can fall right asleep as soon as their heads hit their sleeping bags in their tents.

Of course, more serotonin is released, which will eventually calm your mind and relieve your stress. Hence, it is no wonder that lovers of camping place such importance on their precious weekend in the wilderness.

4. Spend time in the Sun

Moving to the next point, spending time camping means additional exposure to the Sun. This extra time spent in the Sun results in the increased absorption of the vitamin D in your body.

This assists in helping to maintain the normal levels of phosphate and calcium in the blood as well as helping to keep your bones strong.

5. Enjoying with your family and your friends

Enjoying with your family and your friends

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Lastly, going camping enables you to spend time with your beloved people. Building the tent together can create more teamwork and more close-knit relationships.

Besides, it is very incredible to sit together around the campfire and have deep conversations with one another. I have to say that it is a great way to relieve your stress effectively.


In summary, I hope that all of my sharing in this article will give you an overview of the camping benefits and how it helps you to relieve stress. In addition, you can learn some important tips that can make your camping time more comfortable and stress-free.

Try to apply them as much as possible to reduce your anxiety quickly. However, in case you have any confusion or queries, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

About The Author:

Luna is a camping and hiking enthusiast from Phoenix, AZ. She loves the outdoors and she wants to show people the endless possibilities of this world and open their minds to experience over possession. You can visit her blog to find out.

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