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Cardiologist in Novena Singapore: What Happens when You are Told to See a Cardiologist?

See a Cardiologist

The term “cardiologist” literally means “heart doctor,” and they are medical professionals who focus on diseases of the heart. See how they can help on this page: Cadence Heart Centre. Cardiologists often specialize in one field, such as treating high blood pressure, performing surgeries, or prescribing medications to target specific heart conditions. There are several […]

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery After Skin Cancer Removal

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Surgery is the first choice of treatment for skin cancer. After the successful removal of cancer tumors, reconstructive plastic surgery comes next. Recovery is crucial for you, and reconstruction is part of that process. Reconstructive surgery may occur immediately after treatment or delayed until later, depending on the surgeon’s assessment. The good news is, most […]


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