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[Things Us Adults Have to Ask Ourselves] Is My Health a Top Priority in My Life?

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As adults, we know health—including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—should be a top priority. However, all aspects of health are often the first things to be compromised when stressful or demanding situations arise. There are countless clichés to remind us to prioritize our health, such as, “You can’t pour from an empty pot.” Western culture […]

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[Science Just Keeps on Impressing] 8 Recent Medical Marijuana Breakthroughs

Marijuana Breakthroughs

With many national governments easing their restrictions on cannabis and medicinal marijuana, the substance is becoming the focus of an increasing number of scientific studies, producing eye-opening and astounding results. The medical industry, particularly the medicinal marijuana industry has undergone a series of dramatic changes, with one breakthrough after another. Here are 8 recent medical […]

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5 Natural Ways to Help Boost Your Energy Throughout the Day

If you frequently feel decreased energy during the day, there are a number of natural ways to address this issue. The following five strategies are healthy tactics that can help you experience enhanced energy throughout the day. 1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep Sleep deprivation is associated with daytime fatigue and sleepiness [1]. However, research […]

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