5 Reasons Why Cotton Underwear is Good For You

Many people switch to cotton underwear and panties because they are simply comfy. You, too, should join this trend, especially if you care about your comfort and health.

Cotton is safe for all skin types and has been recommended by experts. If you’re still considering why you should switch to them, we’ll give you five reasons. 

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1. Protects Against Infection 

You must keep your private parts protected because it’s sensitive. This organ can breed bacteria since it is often covered, so you need cotton panties to prevent this.

You won’t get this layer of protection from synthetic fabrics like polyester. Cotton fabrics don’t trap moisture like synthetic fabrics, and they are breathable. 

2. Prevents Skin Odour

Prevents Skin Odour

Another reason it is great for underwear is that it doesn’t trap moisture that can cause skin odor. This fabric also keeps bacteria off and will always keep your private area dry.

It is perfect, especially during hot weather, and offers better protection than latex or polyester.

3. It is hypoallergenic

If you have sensitive skin, you should wear cotton, especially organic. People with sensitive skin can get allergies from synthetic fabrics, and cotton is better because it is non-toxic.

It’s not only comfy on the skin but is entirely safe, with no allergies to worry about.

It is advised that they keep off latex because of how it can affect their sensitive skin. Cotton doesn’t have any chemicals that are harmful and is considered hypoallergenic. It won’t give you rashes or any kind of skin problem whatsoever.

4. Gives Protection During Menstrual Periods 

Gives Protection During Menstrual Periods 

Women especially will feel more comfortable wearing cotton bras and panties during their period. Even when you have a strong flow, and the pads absorb it all, the cotton panties will protect you.

On the other hand, synthetic undies barely absorb any of the stains. You get maximum protection with cotton compared to other fabric types in panties.

5. Prevents itching

It’s also worth mentioning that cotton prevents irritation that leads to itching. Pure organic panties keep your private parts dry. This does not mean that if you have a skin condition causing itching, it will reduce the symptoms. It would help if you still saw a physician to treat the condition immediately.

However, if the itching results from moisture or heat, then cotton protects you.

On the other hand, synthetic undies have been known to cause issues like contact dermatitis. This is especially true with undies made from latex.

Exposure to your skin for a long time can cause contact dermatitis. So, it’s better to stick to pure cotton for your health and comfort.

Final thoughts 

Now that you know how cotton undies will be great for your skin, do not hesitate to switch to them.

You can get a comfy cotton triangle bra and panties without any worry about allergies. They are completely safe and natural and do not contain any harsh or chemical agents.

Also, cotton is known to be durable, and the material feels breathable on the skin. Wearing it all day long won’t bring discomfort, itching, or any sensitivity to your body.

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Stacey Smith is a freelance health writer. She is passionate about writing about women’s health, dental health, diabetes, endocrinology, and nutrition and provides in-depth features on the latest health news for medical clinics and health magazines.

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