Cannabidiol or CBD oil is one rising star in the field of alternative medicine right now because of its supposed benefits for its users. Of course, if you’re only starting to read about CBD oil in this article, you might be wondering if it’s actually true. Moreover, if you’ve heard that CBD oil for anxiety pain has worked for a lot of people, what we have here is the medicine that can actually be an all-around remedy for a whole assortment of ailments. Which can make you ask the question – just what is CBD oil for anxiety pain, and does it really work?

CBD Oil for Anxiety Pain

Cannabidiol is perhaps the most common of all cannabinoid components that can be found in marijuana. It’s, in fact, the most prominent of the naturally-occurring cannabinoids in the plant, comprising of as much as 40-percent. Perhaps the most interesting feature of CBD is that it’s actually a cannabinoid that doesn’t possess the psychoactive effect that is commonly found in other plants under the cannabis family. It’s also the most studied of all these components. Interestingly, studies on CBD have led a lot of experts to believe that CBD has the greatest therapeutic potential of all cannabinoids, as a lot of medical uses have become associated with the plant. Here’s how a trusted CBD oil can deal with anxiety pain:

  • Manages serotonin reception: CBD oil is a 5-HT1A agonist, which means it’s capable of targeting the 5-HT1A, a kind of serotonin receptor. This quality of CBD oil is important as sometimes depression and anxiety can be targeted with medication that tackles the serotonin system. Zoloft and Prozac are called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) for this very purpose, as they work by blocking the brain from reabsorbing serotonin. Likewise, this increases the amount of serotonin in the synaptic space that eases anxiety symptoms and may even improve a person’s mood. CBD has found to work much faster than SSRIs in this regard.
  • Help regenerate neurons: The hippocampus is a huge area of the brain that has a critical role to play when it comes to various brain functions, most famously in cognition and memory formation. Brain scans from patients that suffer from anxiety and depression show that they often have a smaller hippocampus and that successful treatment normally involves the birth of new neurons in the organ. CBD oil has been found to be capable of “pushing” the hippocampus to generate new neurons.
  • Interacts with the body naturally: Scientists have found CBD capable of interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is found in the body. This is the system that helps regulate bodily functions such as pain perception, memory, sleep, appetite, and mood. CBD oil has been shown to be able to affect the ECS and help the body recover from stress.
  • Stop neurons from going haywire: Scientists have also discovered that CBD can interact with something called the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is a neurotransmitter that sends a message from one neuron to another. CBD urges GABA, which is responsible to tell neurons to “stop firing,” to do this more often to the body. The result is that CBD oil essentially can help relax the muscles, help with sleep, calm the nervous system, and effectively reduce symptoms of anxiety.
  • Helps manage inflammation and pain: Cannabinoids like CBD tend to attach themselves to various receptors in the immune system and the brain with several special functions. CBD, in particular, tends to attach itself to CB2 receptors, which plays in the management of inflammation and pain in the body. CBD affects these receptors and can, therefore, help alleviate pain and inflammation symptoms naturally, enabling things such as chronic pain to be managed.

The Takeaway: More Than Appearances

A lot of people might doubt the efficiency of cannabidiol as an alternative form of medicine because of its association with marijuana – however, being one of the many non-addictive parts of marijuana, cannabidiol is slowly becoming one of the most sought-out alternative medicines by people today. It seems to be efficient in treating anxiety pain, from what the above has told us, and it may actually help become an alternative form of relief for those who want to try a new form of anxiety medicine. If you do plan on using this, do make sure to consult a doctor first as well. A great place to visit is the website which has a great range of CBD oil products to choose from..

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