Wearing contact lenses or glasses can be both a fashion statement or a medical solution. Nowadays, people wear contact lenses to achieve the eye color they want, yet some wear it to correct their eyesight. Contact lenses are sometimes considered more convenient to wear than glasses as they won’t fall on your nose or be a source of bother during sports or physical activities.

Contact Lenses Vs Glasses

Glasses also have a lot of benefits when compared to contact lenses.  They are low maintenance as they only need periodic cleaning, merely just wiping the lenses before they’re good to go. Plus, there is less scare factor in using glasses because there’s no fear of touching your eyes in order to wear them. The risk of getting sick from various eye infections diminishes as well as the cost because they don’t need to be replaced monthly or even daily like contacts do.

There’s one peculiar thing about glasses that contact lenses can’t do. Glasses can modify the supply of light that’s coming into the eyes for maximum vision and comfort. Moreover, there’s a specific type of lens, called photochromic lenses, that adjusts depending on the weather and the light associated with daytime and nighttime. It darkens when there is sunlight, basically for eye protection. Then it lightens up during nighttime, which allows the person to see things clearly in the dark.

One thing about glasses that most people like is that they can exude your traits and personality and become a part of your fashion!

On the other hand, contact lenses may overtake glasses for some unique characteristics. These are placed on your eyes directly hence, allowing you to have a normal vision just as before. They don’t hinder you from participating in activities such as hiking, playing sports or even cycling, unlike glasses, which could get in the way and cause harm if broken in an accident. One more thing, the color may be modified according to your liking.

Now, we learn more about contact lenses and glasses through the tables below. It shows the pros and cons of both which will guide you in your decision making.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses do not hinder you from engaging in outdoor activities or even with sports.Contact lenses can hinder the amount of oxygen that goes to the eyes which can cause an eye syndrome.
It follows the shape of the eyes hence, it doesn’t give any distortions of vision.Applying contact lenses may be tricky so using them needs care and proper handling.
Fashion-wise, it does not contradict with what you are wearing.Working with a laptop or computer often while wearing contact lenses can cause eye strain.
They will not fog up since the weather does not affect them in any way.Taking care of the contact lenses requires a strict regimen for you to be committed to. When you fail to follow, it can cause damage to the contacts and eventually to you.
Contacts allow you to get creative with eye color so you are free to buy whichever that matches your mood or even costume (for Halloween).Falling asleep with contact lenses in can cause serious damage to your eyes which could even lead to blindness.
There are some contact lenses that could change the shape of the cornea. Therefore, it can temporarily prevent myopia.If not properly take care of, these can get damaged so its best to regularly see an eye doctor for a refill. Some expire within 30 days.

Now that we’ve examined the advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses, we proceed with the glasses.


Using glasses decreases the chances of having an eye disease since you won’t be touching your eyes that often.Since there’s some distance from your eye, they can alter how you look at things, especially your peripheral.
Wearing this can prevent other syndromes such as dry eyes which may be experienced or aggravated by using contact lenses.Glasses can hide some of your best facial features.
Glasses are generally a lot cheaper than contact lenses. Replacing them would happen when you break the glasses or need a new prescription.The thickness of the lens depends on how high or low the prescription is. This could change your vision which could either magnify or minimize the things you see through the lens.
Glasses can protect you against pollutants, wind and even precipitation.On the other hand, glasses can fog up due to cold temperatures which can modify how you see things.
Glasses can be part of your fashion statement as they can match the colors of your clothes.Glasses can cause some discomfort since it can fall down your nose bridge or even cause a headache.


Choosing between contact lenses or glasses is always about your personal choice. Pick the one that would surely help you see better and would be comfortable for you. You can check out LensWorld contact lenses for more details.

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