Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction to Diagnose Diabetes

According to an article by Reuters, published in July 2017, around 53% of men with diabetes have erectile dysfunction. Shocking, isn’t it? The statistic was taken from a report in Diabetic Medicine, based on a study of nearly 90,000 men. The report also revealed that men with diabetes are three and a half times more prone to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), in which they have difficulty in getting and sustaining an erection, as compared to men with normal levels of blood sugar.

Fortunately, male enhancement products like Stendra, the first FDA approved erectile dysfunction medication in the last 10 years, created by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, have proven their efficacy in treating ED in diabetic men, says Men’s Health Digest, in its Stendra reviews. But does it work? The experts further added that a daily dosage of 100 and 200 mg, consumed 30 minutes prior to sex, with or without food, could significantly help in treating ED.

Why Does Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Diabetes, as we know, is a medical condition in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar) levels, either or both because insulin production is inadequate (Type I), or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin, affecting the way the body processes blood sugar or glucose (Type II).

Due to the effects of high blood glucose levels, the blood vessels can get damaged, which can then hinder blood flow to the most important organs in our body, such as the heart, kidney, and eyes, damaging them forever.

Similarly, in ED, the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis and the nerves that control sexual stimulation and response get damaged due to high blood sugar levels. The reduced blood flow and the absence of sexual stimulation impede a diabetic’s ability to achieve an erection firm enough to have penetrative sex.

Risk factors like poorly managed blood sugar, abnormal blood lipid profile, anxiety, stress, depression, poor diet, obesity, smoking and lack of physical activity increase the chances of diabetes and related complications, with erectile dysfunction being one of them.

Diagnose ED for Diabetes

It is quite clear that if you are suffering from diabetes, which you are unable to control, there are high chances that you’ll also suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in your life. When a diabetic man visits a medical facility for a routine cardiovascular health assessment, he should make sure the clinicians should also screen him for erectile dysfunction, says an article published by Medscape.

As a diabetic, if he ends up detecting erectile dysfunction, possibilities are high that he is also suffering from diabetes. This can help with the early diagnosis of diabetes.

For the detection of ED, notice your frequency of achieving good quality erections. If you feel things are not as they should be, do not waste time and consult your doctor for the diagnosis of ED. Afterwards, ask him to have you checked for diabetes as early as possible. The early you get to know about diabetes, the earlier you can control it and the less your organs will be affected by it.

Stendra is an effective male enhancing product, with no harmful side effects and clinically proven to treat erectile dysfunction in diabetic men.

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