Homes should be for enjoying.

After a long work day, there is nothing worse than coming to a house which is poorly arranged, uneventful and giving off a bad vibe. Worse thing yet is that most homeowners are ok with such an arrangement and do not actually care how their home looks like.

Truth is, your home should be remodeled every once in a while. It should be a cozy place that leads to positive emotions, reducing your stress and allowing you to relax.

Even if a design idea seems strange, you should do it if it works for you.

Here are some epic ways to reinvent your home, redesign it and restore its former glory.

  1. Adding mirrors to walls

Walls should never be naked (unless you are one of the rare people who has painted images onto it).

Although regular paintings are a classic solution, it is much better to get mirrors.

You can even go for something crazy such as a Hollywood mirror. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that mirrors are something completely new and work best with modern interior.

Just be careful about their positioning. Make sure that the mirror is not too big and interrupts you while in the room. Otherwise, you will have to take it off after a while.

  1. Go big with potted plants

If you are constantly under stress and need something to take your mind off of it, there is nothing better than animals and plants.

Although many families have small house plants near their windows, there is also an option to get something bigger. Imagine an enormous tropical plant in the corner of your living room. Whenever you come home from work, you will feel like in a tropical paradise.

Have in mind that bigger plants require more attention. You will have to water them all the time and they will still have to be relatively close to windows.

  1. Crazy furniture

Furniture sectional can be seen in 99 % of homes. It is a traditional item, especially for big families. If we talk about functionality, nothing can beat it due to its enormous size and comfort.

However, if you have a smaller family, if you are a solo person or a couple, you should definitely consider getting something out of the ordinary.

There are now various substitutions to sofas. You can, for example, go for settee or ottoman. Anyway, these unique picks will definitely bring something new to your home making it look different from anything else.

  1. Exotic items

Everybody likes to bring items from their voyages. Next time you go to some exotic place, why don’t you get something totally new?

In every country, there are streets less known to tourists where the real folk art can be purchased. Instead of getting some overpriced pieces that look same as any other, go a bit further and acquire items that speak about the spirit of the place.

By decorating your bedroom or living room with them, you will always remember your travels and all the wild adventures you had there. At the same time, these items will be totally different from items your friends bring from their voyages.


Home should be a safe haven, place to relax and restore strength.

Do not be shy and try something different. Find your own style.  In the end, if you can’t feel comfortable in your own home, then why should you make it comfortable for others?

What is your crazy idea for decoration? Share it in the comment section bellow!

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