When was your last real vacation? A real vacation, far away from the stress of your daily life! When everything seems impossible, everything irritates you, and energy is failing you, it’s time to get out of town.

You need something more than a stay-cation or a long weekend at the same Bed and Breakfast you’ve been visiting for years. Do something good for yourself for a change, and do something truly exotic at least once. Feeling caged-in is not healthy, so take a trip to get rid of your stress.

Think big, and take a trip to India

Bengaluru Whitefield, formerly Bangalore, dates to the 16th-century, but it’s now “the Silicon Valley” of India. The capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, this southern city combines the past and future of this fascinating country.

According to the Bangalore Guide, “The introduction of information technology in Bangalore, somewhere around the year 2000, led to the development of the city as the IT Capital of India. Today, it has become the hub of IT professionals in India.” It’s known, too, as the ‘The Fashion Capital of India’, ‘The Pub City of India’, and other names.

A hotel like the Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield hosts you in comfort at the heart of the major attractions with easy access to the city’s color, fragrance, and dining. Among its many amenities is a concierge who will arrange your tours, dinner reservations, and introductions where needed.

Relaxing things to do in Bengaluru

The Business Standard predicted the city’s leadership as a fashion hub saying, “Bangalore is fast emerging as an important sourcing hub for international top brands in apparel and accessories. There are more than 2,000 textile and garment units in Bangalore. The city is also the silk capital of India accounting for about 50 percent of country’s silk output. Bangalore has also achieved fame for its gold and diamond jewelry.”

You might be more surprised by the locals’ preference for beer. Pub Tours will take you to places like Toit Brewpub with its full bar, brewery, and international pub grub. Or, you might prefer The Biere Club, the city’s first brewery where you can taste beers touched with mango, chili lime, orange honey, and more.

You’ll find the colors and fragrances of the subcontinent at K.R. Market as early as 4 A.M. Farmers, florists, and vendors display vivid gerberas, jasmines, marigolds, orchids, roses along with vegetables and spices. Then, there is Commercial Street a busy blend of British charm and Indian taste in foods, a colorful bustling center for international brands at Indian prices.

But, you cannot ignore the rich history in The Bangalore Palace, modeled on Windsor Castle. Radiant colors, fortified towers, turrets and battlements, wood-paneled rooms, and stained-glass windows recall the days of the British Raj.

Bring the memories home

Of course, there are golf, tennis, swimming, and horseback riding for the exercise that reduces stress, but touring Bengaluru Whitefield creates memories you can treasure.

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