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Every long-term relationship has a potential to get stuck in an everyday routine, and that’s perfectly normal. If you found yourself detached from your significant other, it is the perfect time to make some changes. One of the best ways to reconnect and fall in love once again is to workout together. This common interest will bring you closer in so many ways, and some of them are listed in the text below.

Provide yourselves with quality time

You probably noticed that you lack alone time with your partner. With all work-related responsibilities, kids, and home maintenance, you can’t wait to hit the sack and rest for just a moment. Fortunately, there’s always enough time to exercise. Don’t feel bad because you didn’t have a date night for a long time. Your health and physical condition should be one of the top priorities, and working out with your partner can be just what you needed. That way, you’ll have a chance to spend some quality time together and start reconnecting.

Developing healthy competition

The relationship between two people is based on playing. You are playing while seducing, dating and making love, and after some time, it is possible that you forgot to do it while communicating with your spouse. Once you hit the track, both of you will give your best, and some healthy competition will appear. This should be done in a friendly, flirtatious way, and you can rest assured it will make your relationship lighter and warmer. During the workout, while competing with your loved one, you’ll forget about all everyday issues, and find the energy to handle them with ease.

New activities will help you reconnect with each other

Jogging with your partner is a great thing, but the real magic will happen if you try something new. Feel free to experiment with other exercising options such as yoga, surfing, skiing and scuba diving. Another great way to improve your body and get rid of excess fat is to engage in high-intensity interval training. All these activities will refresh your relationship since both of you will learn something new and be there to support each other. At the end, various training options will increase dopamine levels in your brain, so you’ll feel much happier while spending time with your partner.

Sex life will improve

Working out is making people happy and energized. Actually, endorphin is making you happy. This hormone is a byproduct of every exercise session, and happiness isn’t the only thing you’ll feel. With this good chemical in your blood flow, you’ll be more interested in sex, and every good relationship has a lot of it. If the issue is more severe, and the libido of your partner is at stake, make sure to find the best therapy for erectile dysfunction. Combined with a regular workout, it can be just the right solution.

Built-in accountability

It can be hard to monitor yourself and find a motivation to start the workout. Having someone next to you will ease up the whole training process. Once you start exercising together, you’ll hold each other accountable, and the chance of missing the session will drastically decrease. Give your best to motivate your partner before, during and after the workout, and you’ll start experiencing better communication. This new, supporting way of communication will extend and boost your long-term relationship in a way you couldn’t even imagine.

Stronger emotional bond

If you ask a psychologist for a piece of mind, they will say that practicing nonverbal mimicry will help you to bond with your partner. There’s no better time for practicing it that during the workout. Your movements will need to sync in order to keep up with the pace of your significant other. You will need to adapt in order to get into the rhythm. Working out together will help you connect in a nonverbal way, and that will most certainly deepen your emotional bond. Understanding each other without words is a goal of every good relationship.


Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction,“ said Antoine de Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince long time ago. This sentence is saying more about bonding and common goals than thousands of self-help books, seminars, and marriage counselors. Keep that thought in your mind all the time, and start working out with your partner. The best time to start is right now. As time goes by, you’ll start noticing improvements in your relationship and will find even more motivation to continue with this common activity.

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Helen Bradford is a journalism and architecture lover who enjoys writing about interior design and health. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.


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