Five Best Natural Drinks for Weight Loss

You must have learned via various talk shows and advertisements on the television about various issues of overweight and how to overcome it. Obesity has been one of the burning problems in the society, and several reasons have been discovered that underlie such a problem. Although some of these reasons can be fixed by improving life habits to a healthier scenario, there are other problems like those with a genetic background, which are uncontrollable.

The only other way to combat weight loss is to go for exercises, control diet and take supplements that help in the burning of excess fat from the body. These supplements belong to the category of steroids. They are categorized as cutting or anabolic steroids that have been instrumental in generating dramatic weight loss in the body.

However, there are associated adverse side effects with these steroidal drugs. For these reasons, most people are trying to shift to a safer and healthier alternative. There are several drinks available that produce effective weight-loss results.

The best thing about these drinks is that most of them come from natural sources and are not related to any adversities in the body. The results produced by these drinks are comparable to that of the steroids, as a result of which, these drinks are considered to be the better replacement for steroids.

Let us throw lighter on such weight-loss associated drinks

#1. Green Tea

Green Tea

You must have heard about Green tea by now, via several advertisements on television, which cater to green tea products. Green tea has been considered by many doctors and physicians for the vast number of health benefits that it produces. It has been a rich source of antioxidants, which are instrumental in maintaining cellular health and preventing cell death.

However, the question is how this particular drink helps in effecting weight-loss. It has been found that green tea users burn more than 35-43% of body fat daily by either having around 5 cups of green tea or taking it as a supplement. The product contains caffeine, which boosts the lipid metabolism of the body.

It also suppresses appetite and provides more energy for more effective workout sessions. Moreover, green tea acts as a diuretic and helps in getting rid of excess water from the body. If you are looking for the best green tea brand for you, look into its components before making a buy.

#2. Fat-free Milk

Fat Free Milk

You must have remembered your childhood days when your mother used to keep on insisting you to have your milk. There are several scientific and health related aspects of it. Fat-free milk contains a lot of minerals and enzymes that help in burning fat and production of energy.

It contains calcium that functions in two ways to produce the weight loss effects. Calcium suppresses the activity of the hormone Calcitriol, which features in building fats in the body. By preventing the action of Calcitriol, Calcium indirectly prevents the process of fat formation and deposition in the body.

Calcium also functions in the suppression of appetite. This helps you to cut down food intake and prevent gaining excess weight from food. Both these processes function during weight loss in an efficient manner.

#3. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera juice is another essential naturally made product that produces effective weight-loss scenarios. It contains several compounds like antioxidants and polysaccharides that help in the detoxification process in the cell. Many experienced users often use Aloe Vera Detox as a perfect remedy to lose weight.

If you wish to go for weight loss, it is necessary to cleanse your body first. The Aloe Vera juice triggers normal metabolism and burning of calories in the body. The product also helps in suppressing appetite and causes better digestion. All these processes help in losing weight and keeping one fit for all the natural life processes.

#4. Smoothies Based on Yogurt

Fresh Juices Smoothie with tropical Fruits

If you love smoothies, then you must know the different kinds of smoothies available in the market. You must have come across the yogurt-based smoothies, and will certainly be amazed to know that this kind of smoothies helps in losing excess fat from the body.

There are two ways in which the yogurt based smoothie’s help in losing excess weight. First of all, it kills appetite, which decreases the fat intake via food into the body. Moreover, like milk, yogurt contains calcium which functions in pathways above to trigger burning of fat.

Recently concluded studies suggest people taking yogurt based smoothies in their diet loses about 61-81% more fat than usual from their body. Such a change is equivalent to 14 lbs. of weight on an average.

If you want to add on to the effects of weight loss, it is suggested that you try Greek yogurt along with whey protein and fruits like apples in your smoothies. This particular kind of yogurt has proven to be healthier and more effective in executing weight loss results.

#5. Whey Protein

Whey Protien

Whey protein is an essential component of milk. This particular protein has been commercially formulated into multiple health-uplifting and muscle-inducing health drinks that are used by several athletes and bodybuilders. The protein helps to lose more fat from the body and maintain a higher lean muscle mass to fat ratio.

It also triggers secretion of cholecystokinin, which acts as a suppressant for appetite. It has been found that people who drink whey protein 90 minutes before going to a buffet ate much less than those who did not follow the routine.

The protein also helps in regulating insulin and blood sugar level for effective burning of fat. The whey protein diet can be clubbed with other high-protein diets to amplify the weight loss effects.

Tips on Taking the Beverages

Although the points above focus on the different types of natural drink for weight loss, it is also essential to note the time and mode of administration of these drinks. Additionally, consider the following tips:

  • You should drink water profusely to flush out the excess sodium content from the body.
  • You should try to avoid carbonated drink as much as possible since these drinks initiate bloating, creates gas and slows down the process of digestion.
  • You should also try to take caffeine and alcohol as much as possible since it has diuretic effects on the body.
  • You should also keep a track on the color and volume of your urine. If the volume is large and the color is pale yellow, you are perfectly fit. If the urine color seems to be darker than usual or the volume has become scanty, the chances of you being dehydrated are more.
  • You should take your drinks according to your body need as depicted by these attributes.


These are some of the natural health drinks that are found to be effective in causing weight loss in the body. There are other drinks like ice-cold water, a combination of honey and cinnamon, lime and honey drink, black coffee and fresh vegetable juice that also produces similar weight-loss effects. Most of these drinks cause weight-loss by triggering natural processes in the body.

An important aspect of these drinks that is needed to be kept in mind is that they come with very less adverse side effects. Therefore, if you wish to lose weight naturally, it is advisable that you resort to these natural drinks. These drinks will provide you with your desired results in a healthy way and in the shortest possible time.

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