Valentine’s Day

Since the dawn of time, flowers have stood for love, romance, fertility, happiness, and everything beautiful in the world. The Victorian era saw the rise of flowers being used to convey secret, passionate messages through an art called floriography. Each flower derived meaning from fables, myths, and legends- a universally agreed-upon lexicon was soon made, and flowers became a poetic medium beyond compare.

The rose, for instance, has been a symbol of love all over the world in all of history, from Isis of Egypt to Venus and Aphrodite. Valentine’s Day now sees more roses bought and gifted than ever, but you can indeed confess your love through other, less mainstream flowers.


If red roses are too cliché for you, a red tulip is a perfect symbol of undying love. The story of the red tulip is one of passion and heartbreak; a Turkish legend of mad love between a man called Farhad and his lover Shirin. On hearing of Shirin’s death, Farhad flew into a mad rage and rode his horse off a cliff- each droplet of his blood that was shed gave rise to a red tulip, more beautiful than any flower seen before. Yellow and pink tulips are also symbols of affection and care. Tulips last very long with water in a vase and are hence ideal gifts.


Elegance and dignity find expression in the dahlia. They also signify an eternal commitment and a bond and are hence a perfect Valentine’s gift for your loved one. Originally grown by the Aztecs, dahlias are available in white, pink, yellow, orange, crimson and a number of exotic colors.


Orchids are a universally acknowledged symbol of love, beauty, seduction, and virtue. They are rather rare to find, which means they are appreciated that much more as a symbol of your rare and delicate bond. It isn’t very easy to take care of an orchid, though, so you might have to go the extra mile. Read any flower gifting guide for more information.

Bird of Paradise

A very exotic flower, the Bird of Paradise is traditionally reserved for couples celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary. Its beauty is distinctive and powerful, and also expresses mirth and freedom. A welcome break from all the generic templates that the world around you seems to be falling into, the Bird of Paradise is sure to be accepted with open arms.

Gerbera Daisies

Daisies are well-known representations of innocence, purity, and beauty. A special variety of daisies, known as the Gerbera, is very distinctive due to their availability in a number of upbeat colors and large flowering heads. They add a dimension of cheerfulness to the flower and are an absolute favorite gift all over the world.


Peruvian lilies or Alstroemerias last long and are very attractive. There are multiple blooms per stem, which means the bouquet arrangements are more voluminous and beautiful. They’re rather easy to find and are sourced from South America.


There’s no better way to profess your love than with the gift of a flower, be it a solitary rose with a card, or an entire bouquet of the choicest blooms you can find. They are beautiful, pure and perfect in every way.

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