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When the word health pops up, exercise and diet follow. Typically, people start with a bang. Your gym instructor will explain to you how it is easy by going a little step a day until you achieve your goal. A nutritionist, on the other hand, will encourage you to make small changes until you are comfortable and you will realize changes in a few weeks. If you have been through this and there are no significant results yet, don’t give up; maybe you need to hold on a little longer. I know how this can be discouraging; after several hours of working out and there is nothing significant to show.

Remember, weight loss or any aspect of health is a habit. While you have the primary and mega goal, you need to focus on the little changes thus make small steps. Also, you need to be realistic about your goals. Don’t worry; everyone gets discouraged along the way but the difference comes is how you handle the low days. (See also: 7 Supplements That Increase Focus And Motivation)

Here are some tips to boost your motivation

1. Find support

Achieving a healthy body is a journey. Already you are experiencing challenges and the only way you can get past through this stage is if you seek help. Let someone be there to help you keep up with the schedules and frequency of exercise. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and account to someone else. Whether it is a spouse, close friend, or colleague; it can even be a friend online that makes sure you don’t lose focus.  Being answerable to someone else helps in keeping you on track.

The best support can be from two or three people who are working towards the same goal. You can share your troubles, which helps you realize you are not the problem. Everyone else is encountering a challenge but you have to be persistent and focused on the goal.

2. Forgive yourself

Diet can be strict and sometimes boring because you cannot have “fun” with friends on a day out. Of course, you should be disciplined if you are serious about achieving the “perfect” body. However, you can be tempted to go beyond your diet boundaries and taste the delicacies. It might have an impact on your cycle that you have been trying to keep up with for weeks. It is a huge mistake but you should learn to forgive yourself. Do not feel guilty; allow yourself to enjoy life occasionally.

3. Small changes

A healthy lifestyle is about daily habits; you learn and grow. It is a process. You don’t wake up one day to a surprise of a healthy body, there is progress that you can witness on a daily basis. If it is exercising, start with 2 or 3 press ups for a day. It can be jogging for 10 minutes. It is all about consistency and commitment. On diet, you can begin by adding fiber to your breakfast. Reduce consumption of carbohydrates like rice and white bread. Most of these are sweet meaning you will craving for them; this is why you should begin small. Body fitness can be achieved by simply waking up 20 minutes earlier to walk to work.

4. Avoid rigidness

Don’t keep yourself hunger because you are on a diet. Such techniques do not work anymore. Experts recommend taking small portions of food on a regular basis other than starving for long hours then eating unnecessarily huge portions. Unless you are practicing intermittent fasting, there is no need to keep yourself hungry. Every one of us has cravings, which can be part of your unhealthy food choices but this doesn’t mean depriving your body.  Be flexible. Go for your mouth watering rolls once in a while.

5. Change is a process

The perfect slim body you admire of a Hollywood star was not done in a week. Your body goals will take time. Any change has a time factor; you have to work for it. Just like any skill, you have to practice and make it a habit to perfect. The perfect shape or slim body doesn’t happen overnight. Also, everyone is different; you never know how your body will respond. Even if we ate the same type and portions of food then engage in the same level for exercise, we will still differ in shape and size. It is a personal initiative; commit to it and be patient with the results. But this has to begin form acceptance; acknowledge that you are unhealthy and your weight is extreme on both ends then work on how to be healthy.

6. Small Wins

Don’t focus on the main goal and forget to notice the small wins avoid getting consumed by the weight loss techniques and make your life unhappy. Considering results take time, you should continue with your life and be happy even when struggling with exercise and diet. Don’t make this goal your primary purpose of living.

If you are on vacation in Thailand, you can visit any camp and subscribe to Muay Thai classes. A good Muay Thai gym is and there are many Muay Thai classes. Training only takes a few hours a day; it won’t interfere with your schedule. The trainers are also flexible.

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