Human milk is infinitely superior, as compared with those who are fed artificially, the breastfed baby has four chances to one of surviving the critical period of infancy.


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Breast milk alone is perfectly adapted to the needs of the child. Nothing else furnishes all the elements of nutrition perfectly blended and properly balanced. Breast milk is more easily digested than any other food. It is entirely free from the germs of disease; it is supplied to the child at the correct temperature; it is more economical of time and money than anything else, and it confers a measure of resistance to disease that cannot be obtained by any other means.

“Therefore, unless natural feeding is impossible, mothers should regard it as their duty as well as their privilege to feed their little ones as nature intended.”

As a result, mothers are often enabled to overcome the difficulties that arise, and which otherwise would probably discourage them from persevering in endeavoring to feed their babies naturally.

Guide to feeding newborn baby

One of the first things the mother of the newborn baby will want to know is how to feed him. She is right in thinking that this is important. A wrong start may retard the baby’s growth and development, and indeed, lead to the loss of the breast milk.

Breast milk is the proper food for the baby (Benefits of breastfeeding for baby and mother), just as cow’s milk is the proper food for the calf. For each of them, Nature has provided a food that is perfectly adapted to their particular needs, and both of them are handicapped, if, for any reason, they have to be fed on other food.

Natural feeding is every baby’s birthright, and happy is the baby whose mother succeeds in feeding him naturally for nine months. Almost every mother can do so if she will only follow the expert advice obtainable from the trained mother craft sisters at the Baby Health Centers, particularly in the early stages. No other duty is quite as important as this, and the mother should feed her baby naturally for her own sake as well as for his because this is Nature’s way of helping her gain health and strength.

The mother who gets plenty of rest and sleep, eats a well-balanced diet (particularly milk, fresh vegetables and fruit) and most important of all, empties the breasts regularly and completely, should have no difficulty in feeding her baby herself.

Nothing will decrease the supply of breast milk so quickly as neglecting to see that they are completely emptied at each feeding. If a little milk is left in the breast at each feeding and this is repeated again and again, the breast milk will gradually dry up.

On the other hand, the way to increase the supply of breast milk is to see that the breasts are emptied completely at each feeding. This is best done by the baby himself, but if the baby leaves any milk, it should be expressed by hand as demonstrated to mothers.

If all mothers would obtain and follow expert advice from Baby Care Blog there would be fewer bottle fed babies and less sickness and fewer infant deaths.


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