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Are you starting up as a private health practitioner? Is your pharmaceutical company looking to expand its market share? Are you a medical device manufacturer looking to increase your sales volume? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have probably heard of healthcare digital marketing. I am here to shed light on this topic in case you are unsure of what to make of it.

Digital marketing is essentially the use of digital tools to market your business. The aim of healthcare digital marketing is to reach a wider population of target patients depending on your business portfolio.

Read on to find out three important facts about healthcare digital marketing.

1. There is no established formula for succeeding in digital marketing.

There are many approaches to digital marketing. How your potential patients perceive your message depends on your professional approach and your ideology of practice.

However, here are some encouraging stats:

  • In recent years, about 72% of internet users look for health-related information online.
  • The most sought after a recommendation on Facebook is a doctor or a healthcare specialist. Facebook has 1.5 billion users.
  • YouTube has over 8 billion health-related videos.

From these figures, it is obvious that people around the world make their health decisions based on information from multiple sources. Ranging from search engines, websites and social media. (See also: Is Mobile Healthcare the Future? (Infographic))

2. You need a strong online presence to succeed in healthcare digital marketing.

It is one thing to be visible online, and another to have an appealing online presence. The world of digital marketing is competitive in itself. If you want to win, your brand must stand out. Developing a good digital marketing plan is key. Here are the tools you must have.

  • Smart and responsive website – You will need a strong content website that is responsive to mobile gadgets and in different search engines.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – You must hire the services of competent SEO analysts to help get your content easily picked up by local and organic search engines.
  • Social media marketing – Take full advantage of online traffic in the most used social sites to reach more clients.
  • Online advertising – Leverage the use of organic searches, paid searches and landing pages to improve your market share.

3. Now, what your patients want and give it to them.

Patient care is a sensitive and delicate issue. Patients looking for health information or medical solutions online are probably doing so while they are uncertain and vulnerable. Your digital content should show your potential clients that you care. This makes your digital marketing campaign patient-sensitive and trustworthy. Incorporating human connection in your healthcare digital marketing plan sets your brand apart.

In conclusion.

Today, healthcare consumers are proactive and are specified to the type of healthcare they require. They are biased towards health care providers that value transparency and communication. To succeed in such an environment, digital marketing is imperative. Wait for no further, adopt a digital marketing plan today.

About The Author:

Stacey Smith is the freelance health writer. She is passionate to write about women’s health, dental health, diabetes, endocrinology and nutrition and provide in-depth features on the latest in health news for medical clinics and health magazines.

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