Hepatitis B Vaccination

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Hepatitis B vaccination is used to prevent Hepatitis disease. It is a disease related to the liver that can cause mild illness for a few weeks. It can also lead to a serious illness that can also become a lifelong illness.

There are two types of illnesses are present out there.

Acute hepatitis B infection

Acute hepatitis B infection is a short term infection that can lead to problems such as fatigue, nausea, jaundice, vomiting and so on. You can also face several aches such as headache, joint pain, pain in muscles and so on.

Chronic hepatitis B infection

Chronic Hepatitis B infection is a long term infection that can stay life-long. Chronic hepatitis can lead to liver cancer, liver damage, and even death. People who are suffering from chronic hepatitis B infection can spread the infection to others even they do not look sick themselves.

It can be spread when infected blood, semen or other body fluid enter a person who is not infected before. You can protect this against hepatitis B with the help of the hepatitis B vaccination therefore, you should not skip hepatitis B vaccination at any cost. According to the latest national news in English, hepatitis infection is increasing at a faster rate so to keep yourself protected from such a death-causing disease, it is a good idea to safeguard yourself with the help of the hepatitis B vaccination.

How hepatitis B can be prevented?

  1. Sharing items such as toothbrushes, razors with an infected person can cause hepatitis B.
  2. Having sex with the person with the hepatitis B infection
  3. If a mother has hepatitis B and she gives birth to a child then higher are the chances that her baby can become infected.
  4. If an uninfected person comes in contact with blood or open sore of an infected person, it can also cause the problem.
  5. Sharing syringes, and drug injection equipment with the person with hepatitis B infection

Side effects caused by Hepatitis B vaccination

Though the Hepatitis B vaccination is completely safe but these vaccines just like other medicines also have some common side effects such as sore arm and fever are the common side effects. Some people who get hepatitis B have no side effects at all while others may face mild side effects of the vaccination. It completely depends on the type of body.

Rarely, people may experience severe allergic conditions. Therefore people who are allergic to yeast and another component present in the hepatitis B vaccination should not take this vaccination.

For all of the people who are not allergic to the hepatitis B vaccination should not skip this vaccination if all of you want to safeguard yourself from such a dangerous disease for the rest of your life.

Let us discuss more about Hepatitis B vaccination!!!

Hepatitis B vaccination is usually given in 2, 3, or 4 shots to a child to immune him/her from hepatitis B for the rest of his/her life. Infants get the first dosage of the hepatitis B vaccination at the time of their birth and then the series of the vaccination is completed within 6 months, sometimes the complete procedure takes time more than just 6 months.

All the children and the adolescents who are younger than that of 19 years of age should also get hepatitis vaccination to get immunity from this dangerous disease. The vaccination is recommended to some of the children and adolescents who are not vaccinated before.

  1. People who share the needles and injection with the infected person
  2. A man who has sexual contact with another man
  3. A person whose sex partner is suffering from the hepatitis B infection
  4. Workers working in the medical healthcare industry with the exposure of the blood or other blood fluids
  5. A victim of the sexually assault
  6. Travelers of the regions where the people have a higher rate of the hepatitis B infection
  7. If someone of your family member has hepatitis B and you need to contact him then you should get hepatitis B vaccination.

In all the above cases, it is recommended you do not skip the hepatitis vaccination and if you are a parent of an infant, don’t think twice, just take this step to make your child immune to the immune system.

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