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Men and women, regardless of their age, want to preserve their youthful appearance, keen intellect, and abundant energy. It is very essential to maintain a healthy and strong body. Our body’s hormones are the chemical signals that will help in maintaining the smooth function of the body. A decrease with any of the hormones may cause a breakdown of the body.

Once people begin to experience a deterioration in their health and start having manifestations of their true age (e.g. wrinkles and fine lines), they turn to Human Growth Hormone or HGH therapy and all of its anti-aging characteristics. HGH is produced naturally by the pituitary gland. It affects the body’s libido, immune response, metabolic rate, cardiac health, cell production, cognitive functions, and much more. HGH thus affects the whole body’s well-being.

The production of HGH begins to decline as we age. This is when we begin to experience age-related issues such as weaker bones, saggy skin, and muscle strength decline. Individuals with a growth hormone deficiency could make use of the advantages of HGH therapy. HGH therapy can compensate for deficiencies in growth. Even though it is not commonly recommended for anti-aging; it is possible that a person undergoing HGH therapy will get positive effects.

What you gain when undertaking HGH Therapy

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and helps to regenerate, develop and maintain healthy human tissue, including the brain and other various vital organs.

It stays active in the bloodstream within a few minutes when it is generated, giving just about enough time for the liver to process that into growth factors, the most essential is the insulin-like growth factor or the IGF-1, that has growth-promoting functions on each and every cell in the body.

Having said that, a drop in growth hormone levels may lead to a range of issues, and these had been listed by the National HRT (a company that offers treatment in Human Growth Hormone Therapy, a treatment that aims to raise these levels back to normal):

  1. Midsection weight gain (flabby abdomen)
  2. Substantial energy loss
  3. Decrease in libido
  4. Diminished cognitive function
  5. Disoriented sleeping patterns
  6. Decrease in immunity
  7. Low bone density and muscle loss

The synthetic human growth hormone had first been introduced in the 1980s and was licensed by the FDA for specific applications in adults and children. There are many advantages for women and men from the use of human growth hormone or HGH therapy. Below are some of the benefits that we will put emphasis in this article:

Human Growth Hormone for losing weight

The human growth hormone can certainly aid you in losing weight.

A 12-week randomized double-blind research was conducted in which twenty for overweight participants were undergoing a hypocaloric diet and administered with recombinant HGH or with a placebo. As an outcome, a 1.6-fold change in weight loss was exacerbated by growth hormone therapy.

In summary, the study indicates that growth hormone speeds up the loss of body fat and enhances the growth hormone secretion in overweight participants who consume a caloric-restriction diet. Thus, HGH therapy indeed provides a therapeutic role in helping overweight people lose weight.

Reduces stress

One of the growth hormone’s best advantage is its ability to reduce stress. The growth hormone secretion amplifies the brain function in a somewhat more efficient manner. This improved mental power empowers us to do tasks in a much more efficient way than we have ever been able to do before. This also decreases the pressure and helps you to do all the challenging tasks in a very confident way as you become more effective in your work.

Lowers the risk for cardiovascular diseases

There is an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease for individuals with HGH deficiency.

A study was performed in Sweden, studying 104 patients with a deficiency of HGH. Such adults had a higher concentration of body mass as well as triglyceride versus controls. The findings showed that the metabolism of lipoprotein was impaired by a deficiency of growth hormones, raising the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Decrease in obesity

This is excellent news for HGH-deficient adults. When treated naturally, the human growth hormone or HGH therapy has shown positive results.

A study was also published wherein over a span of nine months, thirty men aged 48–66 years old and with abdominal or visceral obesity were administered with a recombinant human growth hormone. The result showed that the abdominal or visceral adipose tissue, together with the individual’s diastolic blood pressure, decreased and, at the same time, it has also enhanced insulin sensitivity.

Helps in keeping the mind sharp

With that of the increasing age, you will also experience having trouble remembering things. Yet with the intake of this specific hormone, it will be able to keep your mind still sharp even with old age. The hormone enables you to concentrate for a longer period of time and allow you to easily recall things. The stress is therefore minimized as the HGH therapy can help in improving your thinking power, and then you will be keen about going on and doing your daily tasks.

Side Effects of HGH Therapy

Although HGH therapy has lots of benefits for both men and women, one should never administer HGH therapy without first seeking approval from the doctor. Just like with any other treatment or therapy, the HGH therapy has also its side effect which usually includes the following:

  1. Pain with the nerves, muscles and/or joints
  2. Severe changes with the cholesterol and glucose levels
  3. Edema
  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome

However, the aforesaid side effects are rarely experienced by anyone who had been appropriately prescribed HGH treatment by their doctor. Nevertheless, the doctor can lower the HGH dosage to counteract the effects of these adverse effects are encountered.

In summary, if you suspect that you are having a deficit in the growth hormone, then get a doctor to check you out. If you are seeking for HGH therapy to improve your health and regain your youthful appearance, please get in touch with a doctor who specializes in HGH therapies. By doing such, you will be properly diagnosed by the doctor and determine if HGH therapy is right for you.

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