Your Dentist Solve Your Cavities

Cavities are the most common problems that a dentist has to solve. This happens because the are too many people that ignore this problem until it creates even more dangerous health problems like infections.

The most used solution for this type of problem is the use of dental fillings. Depending on the affected tooth a cosmetic dentist may need to use customized fillings that offer the aspect of a natural tooth.

This is a very important aspect of solving this type of problem because it can have massive consequences over the beauty of the smile. You need to understand that the smile of a person is very important nowadays.

Not only it influences the self-confidence that a person has, but it will also influence the personal relationship with those around them.

When Can a Dentist Use Dental Fillings?

Although dental fillings are the most encountered solution that a dentist Los Angeles can use for cavities, they are not always the most useful ones. It depends on how big the cavity is, how much it has already harmed the tooth, and how much resistance the tooth still has.

If the cavity is too large, then a dental filling will not be able to resist in the long term. Because of this, a cosmetic dentist may choose to use other solutions.

Most of the time, a dental crown may be used instead of the filling. The crown will make sure that the tooth is protected from outside dangers, while it will also keep it together ad make sure that it does not slowly break apart.

Even if the cavity is large, the middle may be unaffected, meaning that the structure of the tooth is still stable. In such cases, a filling may still be possible. But if the structure of the tooth is too damaged then even if a filling is used it will not be enough to stop the tooth from slowly breaking.

This will happen because the root of the tooth will not be able to provide anymore the required nutrients to the tooth.

If the cavity damages the tooth enough then it may not even be able to stay fixed for a long time. This means that after a certain period it will fall by itself. In this type of situation, a dentist may decide an extraction is needed, then an implant can be used to replace the missing tooth.

But these types of situations are quite rare, and if you go to a dentist in time, then a filling can be used as a solution. We recommend that you strongly consider the use of white fillings in these types of situations.

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Why Should You Consider White Dental Fillings?

White Dental Fillings

There are many reasons for which you should choose to use white fillings, but the most important one is the fact that these types of filling will be able to retain the beauty of your smile. You must keep in mind that the color of a white filling can be customized to match the color of your teeth.

This does not only mean that you will be able to have a smile as beautiful as a natural one but also, that others will not be able to know about this problem. This is a very important aspect because it may be used by others to accuse you of not taking care of yourself.

Most fillings that have the role of having the same color as your other teeth are made using a combination of glass and plastic.

Of course, the proportions and the color will be decided by your dentist. This is why it is important to make sure that you find an express dentist.

Another advantage of this type of filling is the ability to slightly shape your teeth. Many times, a cavity is not the sole problem but a slight deformation of the tooth as well.

In such cases, a white filling will help you have a gorgeous smile, not only through color but shape as well. You should be able to understand that the shape of your teeth will massively affect the aesthetics of your smile.

How Will Your Cosmetic Dentist Perform This Procedure?

Although this procedure is a simple one, several steps need to be taken. The good news is that everything can be taken care of in a single appointment. This means that you do not need to go back and forth to your cosmetic dentist.

All you need to do is to go once and get rid of the problem. You can find here answers to some of the curiosities that may appear on the way.

The steps needed may differ slightly depending on the gravity of your problem bu the mandatory ones are:

  • Color. As mentioned above it is very important to choose the right color of the filling and this is also the first step that most dentists do in these situations. A good cosmetic dentist will make sure to find a shade that has the same color as your teeth. The more similar the colors are, the better it is for you.
  • Cleaning. The second step is to clean the affected tooth. This is done by removing all the plaque and tartar that affect the tooth. This is a very important step because these two are the ones that damaged your teeth. After the cleaning, the cavity needs to be protected, otherwise, the problem will slowly reappear.
  • Filling. The last step is to apply the mixture. Your cavity will be filled with the mixture and then it will be hardened. This is done bu using a special light that will dry it layer by layer. In this last step of the process, the shape of your tooth will be determined as well. Keep in mind that your dentist must not only select the proper color but he must also make sure that the shape of your tooth’s filling resembles a real one.

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