Stage of Pregnancy

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The medical field is always making advances, and with companies like Apple making forays into personal medical technology on their phones, and various sensors for testing heart rates, etc, it is no surprise that pregnancy is something that app builders and people in the technology field would want to help with.

Phones & Apps & Reassurance

Being able to have instant access to data about the stage that your baby is at is great. There is also a whole load of apps that couple this ability to track progress and access data with scheduling so that you don’t ever miss an important appointment.

Not to forget that your phone is also how you are going to stay in communication with all the important people that you need to be in touch with to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We are thankfully a long way from the days where people did not have phones on them all the time. Having a charger is not a bad idea. You want to make sure that you have everything you need, and that you have a plan in place, and there are apps for that as well.


Ultrasound is one of those pieces of technology that you immediately think of when you think of pregnancy, and the machine is used at various points during the pregnancy.

It can help you to discover the sex of the baby, and it can be used to determine if there is anything untoward occurring with the baby. These are usually the two ultrasounds you will receive during your pregnancy.

There are certain procedures that also get carried out, such as amniocentesis, where the ultrasound is used to guide the needle, and avoid any damage happening to the baby.

Ultrasound has made a lot of different aspects of pregnancy that much safer. They have made it possible to assess things about the baby that would have been undetectable before without more dangerous and invasive procedures.

Devices For Monitoring The Baby

There are a lot of wonderful advances in technology, and a device like Bloomlife changes the game for pregnant women. Having a piece of safe techniques that you can check at any point, and be confident that your baby is OK is amazing.

If there is a time in someone’s life that they want more peace of mind it is during pregnancy. Anything that lessens stress is a boon, and knowing that your baby is doing well provides that.

Of course, there is also the fact that you want to make sure that if anything does go wrong you are on it right away, and a device like Bloomlife is going to make that happen. You have an early warning system, and you can head off any potential problems.


Technology and pregnancy are very interlinked – just look at how safe childbirth has become through the years. It is great news that you cannot only have access to data throughout your pregnancy, and apps that help you relax, but that there are more practical technologies that have been developed that really put your finger on the pulse of the health of your baby. Congratulations!

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