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All that glitters is not gold! The aphorism goes well when you are exploring the Internet world to buy Italian olive oil online. There are many who claim to offer the best product at a cost-effective price, but not all of them can be trusted for their words. It is because several unknown sources over the World Wide Web sell a mix of sunflower oil and olive. The process becomes more challenging when you are a beginner to olive oil.

Whether you are new to the product or you have been buying it for years, you must be aware that Italian olive oil is the best version of the product. However, not all items that are manufactured in Italy can be bought for quality olive oil. Then, how can you buy pure Italian olive oil online?

There are many things that can help you find the right product for your needs. You can consider them when shopping online. (See also: Best Usage of Black Seed Oil for Women to Keep Fit)

1. Don’t Fall for Made in Italy Tag

Although Italy is the best place to get quality olive oil, you cannot trust all the brand names from the European nation. Instead of buying from an unknown source, look for well-known brands from the region which have been selling high-quality product for a long time. De Cecco extra virgin olive oil is a popular name among chefs. It’s an extra virgin olive oil product known for its 100% Italian olive.

2. Dark-Tinted Glass Bottle or Tin

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you are ordering the right product online is to notice its packaging. The best product comes either in a dark-tinted glass bottle or a tin. If your product isn’t any of them, then there are high chances that your olive oil isn’t a genuine product.

Reputed brands know that exposure to light can destroy the properties of olive oil, so they store the product in a dark glass bottle or a tin. Don’t buy Italian olive oil for sale that comes in a clear or plastic bottle.

3. Extra Virgin on the Label

Many products that come with olive oil or pure olive oil labels are made of low-quality oils. Instead of getting these items, you should look for Italy-made products that come with extra virgin olive oil on them. It is because they undergo minimal processing. It means their flavor remains intact. In this way, you can get high-quality olive oil.

4. Inexpensive isn’t Your Product

When shopping online, you may come across many manufacturers or e-commerce stores that claim to offer pure olive oil from Italy at a cheap price. Here, you need to know that high-quality Italian extra virgin olive oil online doesn’t come inexpensively. A pure product can be expensive. However, you can receive a discount offered by an online store. Make sure that the shop gets its products from popular Italy-based brands.

5. Don’t Ignore the Harvest Date

Olive oil is suitable for consumption within one year of harvest. In some cases, it remains effective for around two years. Before receiving a product, ensure you have checked its harvest date and the best buy date. If the bottle doesn’t have these dates, then do not buy the product.


There could be many sources online claiming to offer the best olive oil, but you need to check it thoroughly before ordering it. In addition, you should buy Italian olive oil online from a well-known online source. It must be an online store that gets its products from Italy-based brands and supplies them fresh to the customers’ doorstep. Get the right product and cook delicious dishes!

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