Substance Abuse Treatment

Millions of people struggle with the negative impacts of drug and alcohol addiction problems. Apart from the addicted person: parents, friends, partners, and other close relatives observe the addiction concern in the first place.

When trying to aid a loved one who is addicted, it is normal to feel helpless, ignored, or angry. But, for an individual suffering from addiction, it is impossible to overcome. It is tough to recover from on our own, and it requires professional help in a clinical facility.

Understanding that you need help to fight substance abuse is the first step toward sobriety.

If you are searching for a substance abuse treatment program, but do not know how to find one, then this guide will give you an idea.

Evaluating the situation and deciding the various options for assistance

Here are a few ways you can find resources for recovery treatment.

  1. Go to the Internet: You can search online to find a substance abuse center. You can get information about treatment facilities, types of treatments, aftercare amenities, and more. Online and local support groups are available to provide resources, testimonials, and information about addiction and recovery.
  1. Talking to an Expert: It can be anyone from the addiction services. Such as counselors, therapists, social workers, mental health clinicians, etc. These professionals have access to a large network of addiction specialists and can make references for local institutions that will meet your requirements.
  1. You can contact an addiction or mental health helpline number for assistance.

Selecting a Right Treatment for Substance Abuse as per your Needs

The treatment program is not the same for everyone. Here are a few points that can affect your program choice:

  • Medical History
  • Your Gender and Age
  • Insurance Cover
  • Addiction Problem
  • Your social assistance
  • Treatment Cost

Communicate with people working in mental health because they are connected to local treatment facilities and community services.

Or else look for a local recovery group, as they have a good source of recommendations and can give you information about the rehab facility they went to.

What aspects of a rehabilitation center should you consider?

The below-mentioned points can assist in your decision about whether a facility gives professional care or not.

  1. License and Certification

Looking for accreditation and a license is the most vital thing to do in rehab centers. Accreditation from the Joint Commission or CARF assures that an institution meets or exceeds care requirements. A license from the state’s department of children and families indicates that the facility follows all safety and treatment criteria.

  1. A team of medical professionals

Addiction is a complicated disease. Clients must have access to a variety of professionals who can provide immediate care, ongoing treatment, and lifelong recovery support.

It is better to get information about experts and staff members that are employed in the substance abuse center.

  1. Therapy and Treatment Options 

A useful addiction treatment facility offers a comprehensive range of services, employs evidence-based addiction treatments, and treats mental health issues like anxiety and depression, which co-occur with addiction.

A full continuum of care is required for a drug and alcohol rehab to assist clients in focusing on recovery and receiving tailored therapy that meets their specific needs.

The complete continuum of care includes medical detox, inpatient or residential treatment, aftercare services, and outpatient treatment.

  1. Aftercare services and family participation

When a client exits an addiction treatment clinic, the recovery process does not cease. But, treatment can help lay the groundwork for success. It is necessary to maintain that foundation through aftercare programs to avoid recurrence.

Family or partner therapy is a vital part of the treatment. It can address any communication issues and create the opportunity to heal during the treatment and throughout the recovery.

  1. Accommodation and Facilities

Though treatment is the most critical component of a facility’s services, a quiet, pleasant, and therapeutic environment can help a person recover. Clients who are often in the midst of challenging situations can benefit from amenities. You might look up photographs of facilities and lists of amenities and accommodations on the internet.

Wrapping Up 

People often feel dejected when they become prey to the substance abuse problem. But with the help of the treatment, you can treat this issue and get free from the disease.

Searching for the correct substance abuse treatment program might assist to address your issues. It may also help you concentrate on the physical, emotional, and social aspects of your addiction.

About The Author:

Dr. Boris Vaisman, MD, is a Family Medicine Specialist in Woodland Hills, CA. He graduated from the Ross University School of Medicine in 2003. He is affiliated with West Hills Hospital & Medical Center and specializes in Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. He has unique insight into mood and behavioral disorders. He also writes blog posts about mental health and addiction. He has contributed many resources and research to substance abuse treatment centers and addiction treatment centers.

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