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In winters, the temperature can drop to an all-time low creating a chilly atmosphere for your furry pal. Taking proper care for your pet becomes a ‘need’ else you may risk its life. How to protect him from harsh conditions can turn into a tricky business. How to go about it?

Here are some amazing pet healthcare hacks for your pet to bear the cold strongly.

  1. Keep your furry companion indoors: It is highly probable that the extremely cold environment of the outside world may adversely affect your pet. Keep him in a warm indoor surrounding for his well-being. If you have a central heating system at home, you can set the indoor temperature based on the thickness of the pet’s fur coat.
  2. Give them sufficient food: Yes, you read it right! Just like in humans, the water/food intake of pets increases during the winter season. The logic is simple. To bear the cold, the pet’s body needs more energy. He gets this energy from the calories obtained from the consumed food. Give sufficient food to your pet for saving him from cold.
  3. Let the pet’s fur grow a little more: The fur of your pet helps him to remain naturally insulated, warm and safe. If you step into the act of trimming your furball’s hair, he might suffer from frostbite and hypothermia. If you wish to adopt a pet and you live in a cold country, go for a pet breed that can resist the environmental temperature and conditions. Acclimatization is important!
  4. Place warm and cozy bedding: Petcare isn’t rocket science if you are open to learning about it. Holding this thought in mind, I would like to convey another great point for taking care of pets in winters. Arrange warm and cozy bedding for your four-legged friend. A raised bed and thick blanket are a must! To make it fanciful, you can put pet-friendly toys that will keep your dog engaged.
  5. Your pet must be moisturized: In winters, it is common among pets to suffer from dry and flaky skin. Aloe-vera based shampoo and coconut oil are reliable alternatives for keeping the pet moisturized. You can apply it on skin, paws, ears, and tails as and when required. For pet cats, only use shampoos specially made for felines, and only if he really needs a bath. This will help your jovial buddy to remain happier.
  6. Groom your pet: Surprising as it may sound, grooming your pet is important in winters. Otherwise, snow can form a barrier between the hard surfaces and the pet’s feet disallowing the required friction. The nails won’t wear down. In certain countries, chemicals and salts are used to remove ice. This may stick to the pet’s feet too. Grooming ensures that the pet is in the best form and there is minimal risk of dangers that may emerge from the cold surroundings.
  7. Extra attention towards senior pets: Senior pets can suffer from graver medical conditions in winters. Existing medical conditions may aggravate as well. Some of the most common winter illnesses among pets include Frostbite, Sniffles, Flu and Kennel Cough and Hypothermia. Pet parents have to be more cautious during this season.
  8. Your furry pal should be away from heat sources: In the cold season, pets will be drawn towards heat sources. This can be dangerous. Houses should have pet-friendly fireplaces. They let your pet be safer. A baseboard radiator is a thinkable option for installing at home. Most of the heat sources are electrical appliances that translate to adopting safer methods.
  9. Avoid Antifreeze: Antifreeze is sweet to taste and can easily grab the attention of your pet. It is highly poisonous by nature and can easily endanger the life of your furball. Keep the pet away from pavements and garages where antifreeze and other harmful chemicals can be easily spotted there.
  10. Prepare a pet first aid kit: Trust me this can literally save the life your furbud! It should have at least these items: cotton, scissors, adhesive bandages, antiseptic cream, antiemetic drugs, antidiarrheal medicines, surgical swabs, surgical bandages, etc. This kit can come handy in any season and is perfect for emergency situations.

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