beautiful-coupleIn times of diversity, not everyone wants to be in a relationship. Moreover, many people of different gender, age and social strata have clearly prefer a single state or uncommitted relationships, and are more and more. But if your interest is to give you the opportunity to meet someone interesting with whom you can get along and think of a common project, I thought I would serve my recommendations for that process to be more successful.

Clarify what you want. Precisely because the alternatives are as varied relationships, you must be clear what kind of relationship you expect: a friendship with rights, a dating everyday living, a projection relation, a partial coexistence, a marriage, a family … and also you should think about what the person you want, especially with regard to the personality, the treatment in the relationship, their environment, their physical characteristics, age, style.

Develop as a person. Do not wait for someone to start to change and grow. Personal development is effective when you do it thinking of you first, looking feel greater satisfaction and compliance with your image and personality. It will be useful to psychotherapy, reading self-help books, attend meetings which deal with issues of psychology and relationships, reflect and listen to people who have interesting things to bring you.

Improve your image. No need to reach social standards, which are actually quite tyrants and impractical. But you can always improve your appearance both in terms of physical fitness, clothing, style and, above all things, attitude and body language.

Diversify your social life. Beyond that nowadays websites specializing in meetings and social networks allow you to meet interesting people, be sure to attend meetings, parties and other social events that will serve to have fun and expand your circle of links.

Manage your anxiety. If you know someone that makes you feel you are the person that you have been waiting, do not despair … manages the balance between closeness and distance, sincerity and mystery. Do not push, do not demand, there are unforgivable sins harass … in these times.