Live With Cancer Without Fear And Stress

Most patients who are diagnosed with cancer experience a deep kind of shock that may come with frustrations and uncertainty. With most cancers being incurable, you may see this as the end of your dreams and get depressed. Taking the breaking news may leave you confused and feeling pity for your children. It stirs up fear and anxiety in a patient as well as the family members.

The World Health Organization declared cancer as a national disaster that is mercilessly spreading our community.  Every year, more than one million are diagnosed with cancer. Though we feel sorry for the patients, the society still stigmatizes some people wondering if they can spread their condition to others. Today, we will help such a patient know how to cope with this condition for them to live a normal life among others.

Understand the diagnosis

Understand the diagnosis

Instead of listening to all the myths out there, get facts from your doctor regarding your type of cancer and everything surrounding it. Find out what level you are in if there are hopes for a cure, how much it has spread as well as the side effects.

Comprehending this will put you in control of your body and give you the strength to fight it. Jot down all the questions you have to address them during the next appointment with your doctor. Some people, however, prefer learning the basics and letting the doctor make healthy decisions for them. Both approaches work depending on how you take the news.

Communicate openly with the people around you

Breaking the news to your children may be hard. Start by finding strength in a partner by letting them in on your diagnosis. Let them help you deal with your emotions at this point so that you can both of you talk to the children.

Be open with your doctor for them to know what you need as well as what you may be experiencing. Don’t feel embarrassed to share some of the experiences in cases of types such as cervical cancer. Be honest about what you are facing to get suitable treatment.



Once you have accepted your diagnosis planning as you anticipate for changes in your normal life will help you cope better than forcing things. Consult your doctor and find out if the side effects of the treatment can cause hair loss. This will psychologically prepare you for the change as you plan for wigs to replace your natural hair so that you don’t feel uncomfortable adjusting.

Consider if the treatment will interfere with your daily routine so that you can adjust your schedule. This will help you know how to deal with your work routine as you make time for appointments. Make your boss aware so that they can permit you to attend chemotherapy.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Cancer may not have a cure but how you live can prolong your life. Boost your energy by selecting a nutritious diet to help you during treatment. There are times when you will experience fatigue from chemotherapy. Get advice from a nutritionist on the right kinds of foods you should be eating to give you strength and reduce stress levels.

Doctors reveal that working out helps cancer patients extend their life.  You don’t have to strain your body with intense exercise. Practice light workouts that help you prevent high cholesterol levels and increase your metabolism. (See also: 7 Cancer Fighting Foods You Need to Start Eating)

Seek support from friends

Seek support from friends

A cancer diagnosis affects every loved one close to you. Taking assistance from those who care will make them feel better about helping you out in difficulties. If you live alone, ask your friend to assist with daily duties such as house chores and regular errands because you don’t have to do everything alone.

Find ways to deal with your emotions

Studies show that one patient among four gets depression from cancer. A feeling of hopelessness and being vulnerable may creep in. Some cancer patients who live in denial and anger take out their emotions in alcohol. Centers such as MD Recovery Resources can help you come to terms with your condition as you prevent your body from further complications.

Instead of such methods, express your feelings by maintaining a journal or enjoying your hobby. You can find a spiritual advisor to help you deal with the fear of death. This will help you be firm in your faith and give you hope. If you need a therapist, don’t hesitate to visit one because how you deal with your feelings will affect every other aspect of your life.

Evaluate your goals

Evaluate your goals

This is the time to assess the short term and long term goals you made for your life.  Start prioritizing on the most important things that you wished to achieve in future. This will keep you busy and focused away from feelings of despair and frustration. Don’t let any feelings overwhelm you. Taking each day as it comes as you do what needs to be done to help you find purpose in life and enjoy the time you have.

Consider your financial status

Cancer treatments come with massive expenses that may add stress to a family. Most treatment sessions are not cheap and require support from well-wishers. To avoid adding financial constraints on the family, consider taking insurance cover to pay for some treatments. Get help from friends and family members to help you raise the required amount for most of the expenses.

Fight stigma

Even though people have all kinds of misconceptions regarding cancer, remind those around you that the disease is not contagious. Let those who don’t know what to say find courage by letting them aware that you are at peace with your condition.

Interact with cancer survivors

If you are feeling hopeless, reach out to people who have survived cancer through support groups to motivate yourself. Sharing of what life skills they used can help you find healthy ways to fight the disease.

Final thoughts

Even though this condition is an epidemic, it should not be the end of your hopes in life. Stay positive as you use the tips we have discussed to enjoy your life. Even healthy people don’t know their time of death. Don’t predict yours based on a condition you can control.

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